100 thing challenge – one year later..

Published On July 23, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard

You might want to read the original 100 thing challenge post here and my list of (100) things.

As some of you know I decided to only own personal 100 belongings for 12 months.

The whole process has been so liberating to me in many ways.

E.g. I really enjoy not having to think about what to wear in the morning, because I don’t have a lot of clothes.

Another thing I enjoy is how easy it is to find stuff in our apartment. I know where everything is most of the time, because the clutter is gone.

But most days I don’t think about stuff, and thats probably the biggest win, and I don’t spend much time shopping either.

People keep asking me how much stuff I own today, and as you might have guessed, I didn’t rush out to buy all my stuff back, but these items are some things I did buy:


  • A souvenir pillow and cup from a visit to Baidu (“Google” in China) in Beijing
  • A new pair of glasses
  • A sleeping mask
  • Ski goggles
  • A cap
  • Boxers and socks
  • A pair of shorts

I own approx. 130 items now, and I mostly bought new clothes and travel gear.

I believe most people don’t really use more than a couple of hundred things, but most of us own thousands of things …especially when it comes to clothes!


Other stuff I acquired after the 12 months

Here are some of the stuff I decided to add to my items after the 12 months, that really means something to me.

Noise canceling headphones

One of the best investments I have ever made, is noise canceling headphones.

We love to travel, and that means that I often have to work in odd places like airports, busses, hotels, co-working spaces etc.

The #1 annoying thing about intense traveling is, that you often end up working in places with a lot of background noise.



So being able to turn that off is just priceless.

They are quite pricey: $499 at Amazon, but I can recommend these to anyone who needs quiet time anywhere!

3D Actions figures

In Nov/Dec we stayed in California, and found this cool Terminator sculpture made from metal nuts and bolts.

We also came across a shop that would 3D scan and print an action figure, and we just couldn’t resist doing that, so I had to add these figures to my stuff!


Check Maria’s travel videos about the Terminator sculpture and the Making of the 3D model.

Besides that, I might buy an electric cello. It has always been a dream for me to learn to play cello.

I have been playing trumpet since I was 5, but it’s very noisy, and not the ideal instrument to use in an apartment, and I have feared the same would the case with a cello.

But then I found out that you can buy an Electric cello for only $300 at amazon, so I hope it will be a good solution to be able to practice in the long run, without being too annoying (noisy) for Maria and our tenant.

I am currently testing out a cello i have borrowed from a friend, and if I still like to play it in a few months time I will probably buy the electric one.

I am a big fan of postponing the purchase of expensive stuff, to be sure I really like it or need it.

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