100 Things Challenge Update (4 month status)

Note: This is a Follow-Up Post on the 100 Thing Challenge and 100 Thing Challenge List.

It has been a little more than 4 months now since I started on my 100 thing challenge, and I think it’s time to give an update on how it’s going.

What’s the most difficult thing?

When I started out on this challenge, I was excited to see how it would be to live with only 100 things. I thought it would be tough at times, and I thought there would be several things I would miss.

There are a few things I miss (I’ll get back to that) but I have been surprised at how easy it is.

I have found the difficult part (for me at least) is not to live with 100 things. The hardest part was definitely to get rid of the stuff.

It takes a lot longer than you would think to downsize your stuff to a minimum. Some things you just need time to let go. Some of the last things I got rid of was the stuff of sentimental value.

Some things with sentimental value

Some things with sentimental value

I realized I had a lot of stuff with sentimental value, that I almost never took time to look at. So I decided to take pictures of them, instead of keeping them. This way I still have a place to go to for the memories, but they don’t fill up space anymore.

The picture above shows two things I decided to keep as digital pictures. To the left is a letter from my old Grandma (died last year at age 105!) and to the right is a print of my hand and foot from 1986 when I started school.

How much stuff do you use regularly?

If you go through your day you’ll probably also find, that you don’t use many of your belongings even on a yearly basis.

Most of the things I tossed I haven’t missed at all including clothes, books, DVDs etc. I really enjoy not having to sort through piles of clothes every morning. I only have jeans, t-shirts, and shirts that I really like. Awesome!

I think most people actually live with only a couple of hundred things, but they own thousands of things.

All the stuff under our beds, inside closets, in the basements etc. are out there for a reason. We rarely use them, so why not let go of it and get more open space (I love open spaces) or maybe move into a smaller space?

The 100 things I own

Here you can see a list of the 100 things I chose to keep…

The stuff I have missed the most

My plan was to get rid of my books, and every time I wanted to re-read one of them, I would simply purchase an e-book version instead. I know this costs some money, but then I’m good to go for the future, and I also like being able to do word-search inside my books (digitally).

The challenge in this is, that I didn’t realize not all books come as e-books – especially older books.

Close up wiew

Our tiny shelves with (mostly) Maria’s books

Another benefit to physical books is that sometimes it’s just nice to put the computer away and read. When I go to sleep I try to not use my computer and iPhone for the last hour.

I spend so many hours in front of the screen, as I work online, follow blogs, write blog posts etc., so it’s nice to go offline at night time.

It’s nice to relax with a good book, so I will probably add a book or two to my list. But I can still pass them on to a good friend after reading. I guess I’ll have to add a kindle to my 100 thing list, or maybe an iPad can do the trick.

What to wish for at Christmas

I had a lot of fun with my friends and family all asking me what to give me for Christmas. The question is:

What do you give the man who has everything (he needs)?

I decided it was time for me to get a better stereo. I have been using an old hi-fi system I got from a friend with speakers that didn’t play too well. So I did a little research to find a good small stereo, that would also run a long time on battery, as I knew we are going to travel a lot during 2014 and forth.


I told Maria to coordinate with everybody to get me a Jawbone sound system.

It’s an awesome little stereo with great sound, and as a music lover, I really appreciate (finally) being able to listen to music on a good stereo. It can hold battery for 20 hours, and it’s very small – perfect for traveling!

So I traded two speakers for one new item – not so bad :)

Will you stick to only owning 100 things after the challenge?

This is a question I get quite often. To be honest I don’t know. At least it’s not a clear “No!”.

I really do enjoy the simple life with significant less stuff, and as we plan on traveling more and more, I think I will stay around 100 things. We are moving quickly towards geographical independence, as we are able to work online from anywhere.

So as we are shifting into a more nomadic lifestyle, it doesn’t really make sense to own a lot of stuff.

I think I will own a few more musical instruments, and I might also stock up a little on travel gear, but aside from that, I think I will stick to my 100 things. So my best guess would be to land around 120 things.