100 things challenge

Published On June 17, 2013 | By Morten Storgaard

The 100 things challenge is very simple: You downsize your belongings to only include 100 things. Some do it for a period of time, while most choose to do it permanently. I love the 100 things challenge.

Though it’s definitely not for everyone, I think everybody can get inspired by it!

I see the 100 things challenge as a detox – from consumerism


Consider donating some stuff to people who need it :)

Consider donating some stuff to people who need it :)

Think about the 100 things challenge as an experiment, and choose to downsize to a number that works for you. Remember: it’s not about the number, it’s about making space for something else in your life!

Where it all began

The guy behind the idea and the book is Dave Bruno. He gave himself this challenge in 2009, and as he started to document it, a simple living community started to emerge around it.

Today thousands of people have tried the 100 things challenge, and many has fallen in love with this lifestyle.

Some say they will never go back to the way things were before, and others just set it as an experiment for a defined length of time.

What to include in the calculation

When you get started with the 100 things challenge, you’ll probably find out that you can’t count in everything you own. You have to define your own set of rules.

Normally you don’t count in kitchenware, furnitures and other stuff that’s not entirely yours. But it’s really up to you. The challenge is to set a goal, go for it, and see how it works for you!

You can choose to put your other stuff in boxes, so you can get it back again, or in case you want to change out an item on the list along the way.

100 things challenge

100 things challenge

100 things challenge: My first step

When I first heard about the 100 things challenge I thought – well 100 is a low number, but I’m pretty sure I’m not that far from 100 belongings.

Together with my wife I have been downsizing our space and belongings for two years now, and we have REALLY thrown out a lot of stuff. You can read our downsizing story here, and here is also some info about our we are up to.

My first step with the 100 things challenge has been to map everything I own. I have chosen to start with my clothes.

In the process I just gave away another 15 items, and packed away a box under the bed (at least for a couple of months in case I want it back).

Now I am down to 40 pieces of clothes. I still have to count all my other stuff, and as I learn more I will do a follow-up post about how it goes.

Whats your goal? Is this something for you?

==> Read the follow-up post here: 100 Thing Challenge Rules and My List of 100 things.

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