Baby’s wardrobe: The 26 items of clothes (video)

Published On January 6, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

When Max arrived 6 months ago we knew it would be a challenge to continue our simplistic lifestyle, and friends and family were quick to announce the end of our journey into a simple lifestyle ;)

When you have a baby you instantly start getting stuff from everybody. Very well-intentioned and cute gifts, and before you know it the apartment is filled with baby stuff.

I have tried to sort through Max’ clothes, and get it down to what we actually use – and these are the 26 items!

The 26 items in Max’ wardrobe

This is the list of items in Max’ wardrobe:

  • 2 wool undershirt
  • 5 long sleeved bodies
  • 2 short sleeved bodies
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 baby tights
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of knitted wool socks
  • 2 pants
  • 2 pajamas
  • 2 thin baby hats
  • 1 baby whole suit
  • 1 pair swim trunks

This list is for one size only, but as you know babies grow super fast, so an item is unlikely to last from summer to fall and into winter anyway ;)

We have lots of onesies, sleepers and pants we never use, which we inherited or received as gifts, so now we decided to donate the items we don’t use and keep it all a bit more organized.

Make sure the items match in color and style

When you go for a limited wardrobe (for baby or anyone) you need to make sure most of the items goes together style and color-wise. This way you make sure you can combine and mix pants and shirts etc.

I chose to go for mainly light and gray colors, and I have found it to be a good idea to use mainly light colors for the first months because baby’s spit-up is less visible on lighter colors.

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