3 Steps To Get Your Own Website

Published On February 8, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard | Working online

Working towards geographical independence? I am. I work online, and in order to be able to travel full time (or at least have the option) I work online as a consultant, and besides that I run a couple of websites, to be able to get my income 100% online within a few years.

If you want to make a living from online activities, one of the first steps will be to set up a website.


3 step guide to get your own website

I have launched more than 100 websites, and today I always do it as explained below.

1) Find a good name for your site

It can be very hard to come up with a good name for your new website that isn’t allready taken, but with the right tools it still possible to find very good domain names.

I have found a lot of free domain names e.g. GoDownsize.com, WhiteAway.com, Azenty.com, OneGirlOneSuitcase.com.

A good tool is BustAName. BustAName lets you put a lot of words into a list. Then BustAName automatically tries out all possible combinations, and shows you the ones available.

BustaName is the #1 tool to find free domains!

BustaName is the #1 tool to find free domains!

2) Register the domain + hosting

Now that you have the name of your website, it’s time to find a place to register the domain and get a good hosting plan. I use Bluehost for my websites. They are cheap, and they are one of the biggest hosting companies – which means stability, high speed and professionel service.

You can get a discount on the regular price with this link.

$4,99 pr month is really cheap, and you get unlimited hosting and bandwidth.


3) 1-click Installation of WordPress – And you are live!

With Bluehost you get the option of 1-click installation for WordPress.

WordPress is by far the easiest system to build your site, and I use it for all my websites. Many people think WordPress only works for blogs, but that’s not true. It’s true that WordPress is the best (and most used) blogging system, but it’s also good for all other types of sites.

Sites like New York Times, Ebay, Mashable, Techcrunch all run on WordPress.

You will love WordPress because it’s 100% free¬†and optimized to easily rank in Google, and contrary to all other systems, you don’t need any coding skills whatsoever.

Good luck!

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