Custom Built Tiny House – A New Beginning

Published On November 3, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

We have had the chance to get a tour inside a unique custom built tiny house, made by Adam from A New Beginning Tiny Homes. A tiny house designed with a lot of unique solutions and an obvious thought for detail and material. The house is a 270 square foot (82,3 square meters) bungalow.


Designed by a craftman

This model is designed after a 1920 craftsman bungalow. The exterior is painted with a baby blue color, and the same color is used on some of the custom built interior.


It has a custom built stained glass door as front entry door, and a custom built stained glass window that matches the front door.


The first thing you see is the kitchen, which is equipped with all you need. It has a beautiful deep porcelain sink and lots of cabinet storage. A 4 burner, 21-inch propane stove with oven and a 10,3 cubic foot (3,1 cubic meter) fridge and freezer.


Just above the kitchen is a storage loft, which is really convenient to have. It can also be used as a sleeping loft, and there is actually enough room up there to fit a queen size mattress.
One of the windows on the loft is the same kind of custom painted window as the front door. As the shines through the window, it casts all the different colors inside. I would love to wake up to see the morning sun shining through these windows. There isn’t a ladder yet, but it will be mounted the side of the fridge.


Living area with great solutions

The living area space is located in the center of the house. A seemingly small space, but A New Beginning Tiny Homes have been able to get a lot out of it.
The dinner table is a wall-mounted hanging table which gives you a bit more space when you are not using it.

The seating for the dining table is a very ingenious solution. The seating is pulled out from underneath a bench as two ottomans for the bench. However, underneath the ottomans, you will find deployable legs which can turn the ottomans into stools in a moment. Such a clever solution for a small living area space.

The table also works well as a working station, and you have an electrical outlet with USB port underneath.
The bench isn’t fastened, so you can really arrange your living area as it pleases you, depending on what you are doing.

Next to the living area, you have a 3-drawer dresser and a combo washer and dryer with storage above for soap and other necessities. This arrangement makes it easy to wash, dry, fold your clothes and put them in your dresser. There is even space above the dresser for books and for the family picture maybe.

Space optimizing and beautiful staircase

When you turn around, you will see a big and beautiful staircase. A priority that only works because they utilized a lot of the space underneath it. The first 3 steps are actually deep drawers, and additionally, you have two sections of utilized space under the staircase.

One of the sections is used for an on-demand water heater that is propane and additional storage above it, and the highest void is utilized for a cabinet in the bathroom. Before you enter the bathroom, you will see a beautiful custom designed pocket door with the same painted glass as the other doors.

Unique bathroom with Japanese tub

The bathroom is unique and well designed. Next to a small corner pedestal with a sink and storage, is a very beautiful tumbled marble shower. It has a kind of Japanese style soaking tub custom carved by Adam and very beautiful. It is lightweight and fully removable. So if you want to use the rain head shower, you can remove the tub and use a shower curtain.

A New Beginning Tiny Homes use a toilet that doesn’t require to have a septic system. It will just need a grey water drain. There’s additional storage space in the bathroom with a hanging rod for clothes in the corner that wasn’t in use. A quite spacious bathroom within a tiny house, I must say.

Above the bathroom is the master loft. It’s got a custom headboard with lamps that go with the custom designed doors, and with electrical outlets in the headboard with USB connection.
It has a custom designed balcony rail staircase rail with chevrons which actually also recur in the glass lights.

Ceilings with atmosphere

The ceiling in the entire house is peaked on the inside and is a real work of a carpenter. Adam wanted to give another feeling when walking into the house. He feels that a tiny house with a peak can seem enclosed. So, he gave it a curve, which actually works very well with the colored light from the glass when the sun comes in.

A New Beginning Tiny Homes has amazed us with their ability design a house where everything has a purpose in the overall style. A very good plan for a tiny house and a house that is filled with unique solutions. We especially love it because the character of the house makes us feel at home.



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