4 web services that enables you to work on the road

Published On October 10, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard

We have been working on the road for quite a while now.

We typically travel for a month at a time, which means we have to do everything from accounting and invoicing to video editing and blog post writing on the go.

In this post we list some of the web services we use, to make it easier to work on the road.

Billy – Cloud-based accounting


Accounting and invoicing aren’t too exciting, to begin with, so it’s important for us to make it as easy and quick as possible.

We use Billy, a cloud-based accounting system, that enables us to access invoices and check how our business is doing.

We normally sit down together one or two times every second month and “scan” our receipts, before we upload them to the system, in order to keep track of everything.

They have a free version that will get you very far, and you can easily get everything done without paying. We have the premium version though because we like some of the premium features.

CamScanner for scanning receipts

We use the free app CamScanner to digitize our paper receipts.

It’s a great app that let use the phone’s camera to photograph a document, receipt etc.

Once you have taken the picture, you can add a great greyscale effect, that enhances the text and numbers so they are super easy to read.


This is my receipt from a Café in Aarhus, Denmark :)

The app lets you share to dropbox or e-mail with a few clicks, so you can easily import them into your accounting system.

Dropbox is great for storing files

We all know Dropbox, and they have been integrated into so many apps and services now, that they are the obvious choice, when you need to store something in the cloud.

It works with everything from photos and documents to the scanner app above.

Great way to upload and store your files during your travels.

Workflowy – to keep track of your work

Workflowy is one of my all-time favorite apps.

I use it every day for everything i need to remember from requirements from a client to tracking progress on a project I might be working on.

The interface is the best part:


If you want to see more about how it works we did a separate post on the app here.

It’s also a great app for shopping lists, places we need to go and literally everything else you need to remember or keep track of. 

…Well, that’s our top 4 apps during our travels. Hope you enjoyed it and got inspired to bring your work with you and try working from another destination if you type of work will let you do that ;)

Hope you enjoyed it and got inspired to bring your work with you and try working from another destination if your type of work will let you do that.


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