5 steps to optimize and decorate your small home

When the square meters are limited, it can be a challenge to live both practically and beautifully. However, it is possible to get a lot of practicality and aesthetics to work together in small spaces.
Here are a few guides, which can be a great help when (re)decorating your small home.

Locate the best spaces in your home and exploit them!

It can be a good idea to start by zooming out, to really see the qualities of your rooms.

You have got a small home to work with – but what kind of small home, and what makes it feel small?
Try to look past all your things and see what kind of rooms you have. What is the best room and why? Where is the best natural light and where is the least?
If you are fortunate to have high ceilings, for example, you are already handed a lot of possibilities.

One way of using the height is to make a loft for your bed and get a lot more space on the ground level.

You might even make a staircase with extra storage opportunities inside. Another way, which can work out very well If you have a lot of height, is to work with several levels, each marking a new room and function.

A bit more advanced, but a highly effective way to get a brand-new home that will feel like a lot of space.

When you make more levels, you automatically make more “rooms”, which makes it feel less cramped and more like a little house. The bonus when building up a room with more levels, is the opportunity to incorporate storage units in the corpus.

Make use of every invisible void

Look for places in your home, that aren’t used for anything. In small homes, storage under the bed, sofa, and staircase is a life saver. Especially since this interior is there anyway.

What about getting a higher bed or a sofa on a box in order to store more or even free more living space. A generous way of getting twice as much out of your square meters.

In this example, a room is divided, partly with a wall of storage, and partly with a glass wall. I really like this, because it solves two problems. It gives you more storage space and divides the room without making it darker.

Look for corners or stripes or areas of space in the home that is never used. Now, this image is just a painted wall, I believe. But I could imagine it as a painted box from floor to ceiling with large drawers on the side. This would work very well as extra storage space, and in the same time a really good small-scale color input to your overall styling.

Make space for nothing

Don’t make storage solutions everywhere. It makes the room seem a lot smaller and cramped than necessary. Instead, chose a few places to have A LOT of storage and be creative in how this storage should appear in the room.

How about dedicating a whole wall in a room for storage, and then leave the next wall almost bare. And if you have the ceiling height, do the same in the kitchen and build more storage upwards. I’m really all for claiming the gaps – claiming space in a room where there should be a pause from things and objects.

Use multifunctional furniture

Space saving furniture doesn’t have to be small pieces of furniture. It could also be multifunctional furniture. One example is this table by Nordvink, which is perfect for the small balcony.

The fantastic feature about this table is that it can be turned into a practical drying rack. Another example is this book that can be folded into a stool. How cool is that?

Perfect for the very small apartment, when having more guests than usual.

Style with a selection of your items

Style your home with a limited selection of vases, candlesticks etc. Don’t just find a place for every object you own, but chose carefully. To me, a place can seem smaller, if there’s a lot of visible stuff and furniture, and if there just isn’t any blank space.

And always make room for green plants. They give so much life to even the smallest spaces!


Photo credit: www.pinterest.com