WHAT is GoDownsize.com?

Our goal is to make downsizing accessible by gathering the most helpful tips, stories, and resources, on how to simplify your life and downsize your space.

  • We bring inspiration from people around the world, who have experience in downsizing and simplifying.
  • We recommend resources and gear that we found helpful (click “Recommended Gear” in the top menu).
  • We search for the best space-saving and multi-functional furniture we can find. Pieces that enables you to live big in a small place.
  • We want to make it easier for small manufacturers to be found online – so their amazing products can reach and inspire even more people.

WHY downsize?

People have different reasons for downsizing:

  • To be able to travel more often
  • Get out of debt
  • Spend more time with your kids and/or family
  • To work less and have time to volunteer
  • Change carrier or start your own business
  • Live in an area you normally couldn’t afford
  • Live within your income and avoid financial pressure
  • To test what makes you happy
  • …or just because you like the freedom and peace of simple living.

What is your reason for downsizing?

WHO runs it?

Morten and Maria Storgaard. We are happily married for 12 years and have been downsizing since spring 2011. If interested read: our downsizing story.

Maria is a creative person, loves to research new space saving possibilities. She is the main writer on GoDownsize, so send her a link if you have an idea. She loves design and has studied both architecture and fashion design. She likes to optimize anything she can get her hands on.

For relaxation she doodles house ideas and hope to someday build her own house.

Maria has been bid by the travel-bug since she was 17, loves adventure and experimenting. She blogs about these things at OneGirlOneSuitcase.com

Quote: I believe you can have an influence if you speak up.

Morten likes to do everything 110%, he loves online start-ups and networking. Morten is in charge of tech, gadgets, PR, affiliates and everything behind the scenes at GoDownsize. He has a background in e-commerce business and online marketing. He loves everything online and tech related. Currently working on a Danish news site about Internet speed, connections, wifi etc. at Netkablet.dk.

Morten enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling and sharing a beer in the sun.

He loves most kinds of music and plays a mean guitar in Captain Roselyn, his chaotic hardcore band, and some more quiet folk music with his solo project Silent Highway.

Favorite quote: Either you believe you can do something or don’t believe it – you´re right!

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