Bear’s Tiny House

Bear’s Tiny Homes produces custom designed homes that are very functional and well planned.

Go Downsize were able to get a tour inside by Mark Warfield on a sunny day. Take a look and tell us what you think!

From the outside, this Tiny House is a cute small-scale house with great colors, and it’s even equipped with a small wooden porch. Together, the porch and a small canopy above, make it feel like a traditional house.

I can really imagine sitting on these steps with a cup of coffee, feeling at home – even on the road

During travel, the steps slide up under the house which is a very nice detail, that especially makes traveling easier. The unit is 24 feet long (7,3 m), 270 square feet (82,3 m2) and 13 feet 4 tall (4 m).

When stepping inside, you are met by wood on almost every surface.

A very cozy and cottage-like atmosphere that doesn’t really seem that tiny because of the open ceiling and the many windows.

The woodwork is definitely thought through and well build, in fact, everything is custom-built.

All visible wood is carefully treated with bee varnish and as a nice detail, the interior of all the cabinets is made of cedar wood.

Lots of storage

In the center of the unit, you will find the living room and an entertainment center. An area with a tv in the middle, a fireplace and a lot of good storage space with many possibilities.

In this model, there is a 6 feet (1,8 m) half high hanging space in the bedroom, but it would also be possible to get full-height hanging space in the living room closets. I love that you are able to get everything adjusted for your needs.

The fireplace propane oven is quick to heat up the entire house. Unfortunately, you will have to open up a window because of a spray foam insulation that almost insulates too well.

The kitchen is built with the same pine wood as in the rest of the unit. The kitchen table is made of sheet copper with a chemical patina and a lacquer finish, so it never loses its patina.

The kitchen holds a stow with an oven and even a dishwasher and a microwave is prioritized.

Built by a carpenter

And as you can see, all drawers are handmade with duff tails. One of details that clearly show that Mark has many years of experience with wood and carpentry.


There is a lot of built-in storage in this model. And along with the decision of placing an actual staircase in this small home, they have been very conscious of using every void under it for storage.

A nice detail is that the combined washing and drying machine is also hidden behind a cabinet door, when not in use.

In the bathroom, there is a standard RV style toilet and a beautiful little sink in the corner.

The shower cubicle is made of a rubber based product which is both very strong and elastic. A clever solution for a home on the move.


From the bathroom, there’s access to a bedroom that seems very spacious. Because it is located downstairs, it is a full height room, which makes it feel big.

In the foot of the bed, there’s more storage room with nice deep closets hanging in the perfect height for your feet to fit underneath in the bed.

Spacious loft with a cozy atmosphere

Finally, there is also a loft upstairs where there is room enough for two persons for sleeping. Also, a very good room that doesn’t feel cramped because of the amount of daylight and the view of the rest of the house.

All in all a really good and thought through design plan for a Tiny House, and if you are into the complete wooden look, this is a really great company.