Beautiful and stylish interior ideas for RVs

Published On April 10, 2018 | By Morten Storgaard

We love campers and RVs, and we especially love the white and stylish designs. In this post, we have gathered our favorite designs from all over the web. Let’s start with the toilet/bathroom area.

Ideas for the bathroom and toilet area

This bathroom might not strike you as the most important room in the RV/Motorhome, but nevertheless, it’s most certainly a space you can improve.

Check out this great wallpaper and interior:

If you need to cram in a toilet in a very tight space, you might consider this type of toilet.

It’s a solution we also often find in under-the-stairs bathrooms.

Interior ideas for the kitchen area

The kitchen space is often also the main living area, so it’s important to keep it clean and clutter-free – both on a daily basis but also design-wise.

Here are some of the best interior ideas we have come by for remodeling RVs.

This kitchen area is for the family that really enjoys cooking. There’s plenty of counter space, and everything is neatly organized.

Notice how the counter space is curved in order to fit inside the motorhome floor plan:

The kitchen solution below utilizes the full width of the caravan and offers a double-sided counter space.

The dark wood really looks great in contrast to the white ceiling and wallpaper:

This is not really a kitchen space, but it’s a storage solution for the kitchen area.

We just really liked the colors and feel of this picture.

The main living area

This bed with built-in storage is really beautifully done.

The light wood matches the floor and leaves the room with a spacious feeling.

Here’s another great space, for all of us who enjoy a white and minimalistic feel to our RV.

Everything is made to utilize the vertical space and the wallpaper goes well with the white finish on the cabins and the ceiling.

These wooden panels and storage solutions are also very well worked out:

The top shelves and the wood around the top of the curtains are just perfect in this camper. Everything is so neat, and the green colors are a fresh touch when blended into the white interior.

We couldn’t agree more:

Keep calm and camp on!

The sleeping area

This solution is basically just a good idea for the sleeping area if you are rebuilding a van into a motorhome.

In the daytime, the area can be used for sitting, playing, dining and so forth, and in the night time you just fold down the backrest, and voila! You now have a queen size bed!

Or you could even fit in a Murphy bed!

Even though it often takes away too much of the wall space. Normally the best option is to use the bed area for sitting during the day and then fold down/out the cushions when you need to sleep.

All the images in the post were found at Pinterest.

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