Bed furniture designs for living in a small space / house

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We have written a lot of content about beds for small spaces and tiny homes, and we figured it was time to sum up some of the different bed designs and models.

Hold tight as we run over some of the many creative solutions and smart bed furniture out there.

The classic bunk bed

This is an oldie, that many of us grew up with.


More about this + many more bunk beds.

I shared a room with my brother as a kid, and I have lots of fond memories of cozy nights.

We would whisper stories to each other through a little plastic tube we installed between the beds, so we could talk without our parents finding out.

You can also get a triple bunk bed design if you have a high ceiling.

Built-in slide out beds

We have see these cool built-in beds in many small homes, and they are often bespoke and homemade furniture solutions.

Slide out beds has to be one the coolest furniture designs for small houses.

If you have carpentry skills, a slide out bed can be a fun project that will give you lots of extra space in a tiny home.


This gives you extra space to work, and if you add table furniture on top, you have the perfect home office.

when these pull-out bed are placed below a normal bed we call them trundle beds, and they are usually used as guest bed in the kids room, or below a sofa bed to make space for a couple.

Sofa beds/futon beds

These beds are great as guest beds.


You can find these Futon beds online here starting at $100 (incl. shipping).

Some of these futon beds are made with a spring mattress or a strong foam, so young people could potentially use it as an everyday bed, even though most people prefer to use sofa beds as occasional guest beds.

This particular futon has the option to fold one side of the backrest down, while the other half can be used for back support. A pretty neat feature, that opens up more possibilities.

High sleeper loft beds (cabin beds)

High sleeper beds are great for kids, because they give you extra space and let you utilize the vertical space in a small house.



You can find these loft beds from $150 online (with shipping).

Some loft beds has a built-in closet to support the furniture structure, which is a great idea. This way you save a little extra space, and still get a very stylish piece of furniture.


This white futon from ducduc is also available online.

The fixed ladder on the closet support is a great design feature. The ladder will take up some space, and using that space for storage is great.

Ottoman beds (fold-out design)

For the guest bed you can also consider an ottoman bed.

It’s a good way to hide and extra bed, and it’s also a good leg rest for the sofa or a way to get a few extra seats in the living room.

It’s a thin foam mattress because it has to fold into the ottoman, so it’s not the most comfortable choice, but for a night or two once in a white, it’s definitely better than sleeping on the floor.


They start at $159 including shipping

Murphy beds with bookshelves and sofas

Murphy beds are our favorite kind of bed. We have slept in one for 3 years now, and it has to be the most efficient space saver for the small house.

Our Murphy bed is homemade with storage behind, but there are tons of great designs on the market. These are some of the better choices when you consider price and design:


This is one of the cheapest we could find online

There are also lots of creative wall bed designs with folding tables, book shelves etc.:


You can furnish your apartment space with these models at this shop (free shipping).

We might add more to this list whenever we come by creative bed furniture, and if you have some good ideas that should be added to the list, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an e-mail – we’d love to hear from you.

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