Best Free Writing Software (distraction free)

Published On January 30, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard

I love simple software and apps, and I have been using several different programs for distraction free writing.

I am easily distracted, so it’s great for me to be able to work in full screen mode without pop ups (thank you Apple) and tons of sidebars, animations and effects.

best free writing software

Best free writing software

Focus Writer is a great tool

Right now I am writing this post in Focus Writer. A nice free program you can get for both PC and Mac. It’s free and it loads quickly like notepad / wordpad. Besides that it has several nice features as you will see below.

Nice grey background

I normally use Word for documents and stuff, but when I’m on the computer for writing blog post (like right now), I have found it most effective to work in full screen mode with a grey background.

A white background is hard on the eyes after a couple of hours, and in my opinion a black background is also hard to focus on. A grey background is perfect, and it also saves some battery, when the screen isn’t white.

Yes – it has word count!

Another nice feature of Focus Writer is the ability to turn on word count. This is a feature I really miss in Notepad / Wordpad. You can turn it on so it will show word count + a clock whenever you move the mouse to the very bottom of the screen.

This is a really neat feature. You can also set choose to see a timer instead of word count. If your goal is to write for e.g. 15 minutes everyday, you can monitor that instead of word count.

Distraction free writing

Distraction free writing

What’s in the menus?

When you move the mouse almost to the top of the screen a menu bar with icons will appear. Here you can choose to open a new document, save, updo, redo, cut, paste and search. Just the basics you need. No more – no less.

If you move the mouse all the way to the top, another menu bar appears with drop down menus. Here you can change all the basic settings like fullscreen mode, spelling, language etc.

As soon as you remove the mouse down the screen all icons and menus disappear instantly, and you can continue writing without distractions.

Availiable formats

When you save the document you get to choose between:

  • .ODT (Open document text)
  • .RTF (Rich text format)
  • .TXT (Plain text)

Other good software

Another good program you should install from time to time is Cold Turkey. It helps you stay away from Social Media when you need to focus. A very handy tool you can get at


…You can find a lot more tools and services on the Resource Page

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