Budget Friendly Tiny House

Published On October 29, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

We have met with Bob from Titan Tiny Homes who has shown us around in a budget-friendly version of a Tiny House. A Tiny Home on wheels with a specialty in a modern trim and clean lines in their designs.

This model is of their Everest models. It’s 20 feet tall (6,1 m) and 160 square feet (48,8 square meters).

The exterior is a combination of wood and painted steel which gives it an industrial and modern expression.

Plenty of Natural Lighting

The house has plenty of windows and natural lighting. A pleasant and bright little dwelling despite its relatively few square meters.

The house is indeed well planned, and every square meter is accounted for and well spent.

In the center of the house, you will find a small kitchen with everything you need.

This includes a washer and dryer in one, a refrigerator in either half or full height, a sink and plenty of cabinet storage space.
As a standard, Titan Tiny Homes come with a nice butcher block counter top that corresponds well with the floors in the rest of the place. The floors are made of bamboo as a standard.

Multifunctional Living Room Furniture

The living room is quite spacious for a tiny house, and here as well, Titan Tiny Homes has made it easy for you. In fact, the unit comes with a cool piece of multifunctional furniture. A sofa with several ways of arranging it, which can be turned into a bed during night time. Brilliant and a very good way to save space.

Lofts with Many Possibilities

Just above the living room is a loft with enough room for a queen-sized bed. The loft has a rather big window, and especially because of that it’s a pleasant little room to be in. Certainly a place I could see myself wake up and read a ton of books.

In the other end of the unit, there’s another slightly smaller loft. It has rods for a hanging wardrobe, and the center still leaves plenty of space for more storage. Or you can choose to make it a secondary sleeping loft for your big child for instance.

The walls and ceilings around the lofts are very well insulated. This makes it possible to both stay warm during the winter as well as keeping the heat out during hot summer days. I really like, that Titan Tiny Homes has accounted for both.

There is plenty of room for storage solutions that fit your needs. There’s no storage space on the lofts yet because Titan Tiny homes want to leave a blank canvas for their homeowners to work with. One thing I know, I would appreciate.

Bathroom with a Bonus

The bathroom is a treasure in this tiny house and clearly designed to feel good when living small. It’s equipped with a 54 inch wide (137 cm) tub. A nice way to bring home amenities into a tiny house, and definitely a feature that could make me feel home, even the tiniest place.

Other than that, the unit comes with a dry flush toilet and a sink with storage underneath. Titan Tiny Homes uses an on-demand hot water system, which gives an endless supply of hot water, unlike when using a water tank.

Accessibility on the Road

In the center of the unit, there’s a combined AC and heater unit, which runs on a battery. The same goes for all lighting.

This is very practical when being on the road because the unit doesn’t need to be plugged in to function. In that way, Titan Tiny Homes makes semi off the grid homes and gives costumers a convenient accessibility on the road.

The Big Difference

What makes an Everest model different from other tiny houses on the market, is that it’s made of steel stud framing. This allows better construction, straighter, stronger and more durable designs. Thus, it takes a shorter time to assemble, which reduces the costs.

Titan Tiny homes focus on building a house that’s affordable, and the whole reason for them to start building tiny houses, was because they felt that a lot of the market was taken advantage of.
A tiny house should be a way to live efficiently and save money.

That’s what Bob and Titan Tiny Homes want to offer with their tiny houses for no more than $ 40,000. A lot of tiny houses costs more than the double, so it’s amazing the prices Titan Tiny Homes are able to offer. There are undoubtedly different reasons for people to start downsizing, but if your main priority is affordability, Titan Tiny Homes is really doing a good job.

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