Bus Conversion to a travelling home

Published On November 5, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

We have had the chance to see Todd and Angela’s amazing bus. A retro bus converted into a traveling home. We particularly love this bus because Todd and Angela have succeeded in making a very personal and homey bus, which, at the same time, is very functional.

Huge open living room and kitchen

From the front cabin, you step right into the living room in a very cozy atmosphere. It is furnished with a real couch, chairs and a fireplace. All of which gives you a very good and welcoming feeling. From the moment you step inside, you gotta love it!

Next is the kitchen, which has an excellent location in the bus. Central and a lot of daylight. Todd and Angela have built all of the kitchen elements themselves, and it looks fantastic in this bus.

A few nice details are the Characteristic hinges which add a personal style and a homey feeling to the kitchen.

There’s a lot of storage, which gives you the chance to hide away everything.
There are even both a big working surface and a normal size fridge and freezer.

On the other side, you have a dining table with tabletops that are easy to fold up in order to extend the table length. A very lovely living room area, and a great room.

Separate toilet room and shower

Behind the kitchen, in the back end of the bus, is a bedroom and a toilet room.

The toilet room is just big enough for a toilet and a sink, but with a huge window and good decoration, it’s a very welcoming room.
To save space, Todd and Angela have made a sliding door for the toilet room.

On the opposite side, there’s a shower of a very decent size and with good lighting.

Gorgeous bedroom

The Bedroom in the back end is amazing. It’s a huge room with a queen size bed and just very well decorated.

With a nightstand and a lamp in each side, it looks like a bedroom in a regular house.

They have AC and lots of storage under the bed. There’s even room for their two dogs to sleep in front of the bed.

They have a lot of additional storage space in the bedroom, both drawers, shelves and hanging space.

They want it to have a homey feel, like a real normal home, and we think they have done a fine job.

The story behind the bus

The bus actually has an interesting story. Originally it was owned by a police department but was later sold to a family with 16 kids for driving all the kids. Eventually, the family didn’t need it anymore and sold it to Todd and Angela. So, it’s a real vintage bus with a lot of history and charisma, and it’s obvious that Todd and Angela have really been working with that charm.

It’s a very cozy and homey bus with a lot of good spots, that actually make you feel like you are already home.

One thing that’s also unique in this bus, is that nothing is really built-in. Everything is normal regular furniture and that is very special. We believe that plays a part in why the bus feels just like home.

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