Camper Remodel 6: Ripping the old ceiling down (Video)

Published On October 10, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard

This is the video #7 of the camper remodeling project.

The project is moving on, as we rip down the old ceiling.

We also change an old flat tire, in order to move it around. It has been parked during the long Danish winter, and now we are ready to move forward.

Note: This video was filmed last year, it just took a while to get it up due to the pregnancy.

Watch the video here:

Before we could start we had to empty the camper.

We don’t have a garage, so we had to store everything inside the camper during the long Danish winter. Maybe the weight of all that stuff caused the flat fire :/

Who knows.

Some of the wooden framing that hold the ceiling turned out to be completely rotten, so we’ll have to replace it when we put up the new ceiling.

It’s alright really because we are going to put in new skylight windows, so we probably would have to build up a new wooden frame anyway.

We expect to put up the next video in this camper remodel series pretty soon, so stay tuned!

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