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Paying of Debt Fast | How We Got Debt-Free (A Lot Faster)

We have been paying off debt for quite some time now. Two years ago we decided to speed up the process as much as possible, in order to get completely debt free as fast as possible. We have been paying off approx. $50,000 during the past 2 years. It has been hard work, but it has


Life Planner Apps I Use Everyday (+ a mail declutter app)

I’m a big fan of apps that help you declutter and plan your life. Here are the best 3 life planner apps I have come across. Workflowy Workflowy is an free app I use everyday. I use it to structure my work, my movies, my travel plans, my grocery lists and almost every other thing

Me working from Starbucks on Crete

Work From Anywhere In The World

I know many of you are downsizing to be able to travel more, which Maria and I do too. So now that you don’t need to put in all these crazy hours at work – how do you get to a place where you can work from anywhere in the world? “I don’t work online,


See My 100 things List (+ things I got rid of)

NOTE: This is a follow-up post of the 100 things post. So I finally got the list done. I landed a little below 100 but on the other hand, I couldn’t really count kitchenware, as I share that with my wife and our tenant. Here is the list of my 100 things. My 100 things

100 things challenge rules

This is a follow-up post. Read the original post here: 100 Things Challenge So now I have defined the rules of my personal 100 things challenge. I have some issues, I need to take into account. Like the fact that I live with my wife, and also share half of our space with our tenant. This

Small Budget -to get out of debt

Getting out of debt requires living on a small budget. We have been paying off debt for more than 2 years now – and we are half way there :) I would like to share the budget we have been living on with you. I often find people to be very private about finances, and

100 things challenge

NOTE: ==> Read the follow-up post here: 100 Thing Challenge Rules and My List of 100 things. The 100 things challenge is very simple: You downsize your belongings to only include 100 things. Some do it for a period of time, while most choose to do it permanently. I love the 100 things challenge. Though it’s definitely not for everyone,

Project 333 Challenge – Simplify your wardrobe

Okay, so we have been cleaning out our stuff for a while now. Morten, who has a lot of clothes, has been going through his closet a few times. I felt all depressed by the thought of it, so I put it off for a while. What is Project 333? Project 333 is a challenge

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