Christmas / Birthday Wishlist – When you have everything you need

Published On November 27, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Living small

Christmas is the best time of the year. We LOVE Christmas. We live in Denmark (Northern Europe) so when we are lucky, we even get a white Christmas, what’s not to like?

One thing people often ask us is:
“What do you wish for Christmas, after you have downsized your belongings?”

And admitted, it can be tricky to navigate the gift thing, so we made this video to address the topic:

How we go about the wishlist for Christmas

We have 3 tips for that.

First and foremost we always keep a list of stuff we need to buy at some point. It’s stuff that can wait like new towels, pillows etc. It can also be stuff that we know we have to change eventually, and then we can keep a little stock

We also try to wish for gift cards to stores we normally shop at. It can be clothes, but it can also be gift cards for a nice brunch or tickets for a good movie.

We love to do stuff together, and Christmas is a good time to plan a date weekend, and why not let your friends and family pay for it, instead of getting more stuff you don’t need.

What to do about Christmas ornaments and decorations after downsizing?

As I said we absolutely love the Christmas season, and we also love to decorate our space, even though we don’t have much space for ornaments, garlands etc.

We’re not minimalists when it comes to christmas decorations, because where the fun in that?

We keep all the stuff under the sofa. We have tre bed rollers + a bag with a (plastic) Christmas tree, and when December approaches, we dig it all out and go crazy. Here’s a photo of me unpacking the stuff, and getting ready to decorate our two rooms.


The souvenirs and stuff we normally have in the window, we put in the bed rollers during the season.

How do you go about gifts for Christmas and birthdays, and how do you prioritize ornaments and seasonal decorations in a small space?

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