Define Downsizing

Published On January 29, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard
how do we define downsizing?

How do we define downsizing?

“Downsizing” can mean a lot of things, and I figured it was time to define, what we mean by the term. A lot of people think about economics and frugal living, when they hear the word “Downsize”, and economy surely has a great deal to do with it.

For me it’s not only about your the size og your house / living space, it’s also about freeing your mind of concerns.

Downsizing is not only about the size of your living space

Personally I’m working towards a life, where I can travel when and where I want to – and a life with less worries.

I truly believe an essential part of feeling free, is to avoid some of the things that gives you the most anciety like e.g. mortgages, car payments, high rents, clutter and too much stuff.

It sounds like a total cliché, but too often we just copy the lives of others, instead of finding out what really matters to us.

Our apartment

For me downsizing is primarily about freedom. When you let go of stuff or choose to live in a smaller space, you can most likely afford to work less…

…and start filling your life with the stuff that means the most to you.

Free resources and be able to dream more

Free resources and be able to dream more

Our apartment is 1.100 square feet in total, and before we chose to downsize, the whole apartment with stuff we rarely used. Two years ago we chose to downsize to 500 sq.ft. (2 rooms), and rent out the two other rooms.

We dreamt about travelling a lot, but whenever we got in to planning it, we felt like we couldn´t go away for too long. Because of the rent we would waste on an empty apartment.

Right now Downsizing for us means working towards a debt-free life, and when we reach that point, I’m sure we will continue to live in a small apartment, and enjoy a life with less work and more fun. You can read our personal downsizing story here.

Downsizing is about worrying less and having more fun

Downsizing is about worrying less and having more fun

Personally I have absolutely nothing against big houses and nice apartments, and who knows – maybe we will move into a bigger apartment one day – but for now we really enjoy the simple life of our 500 sq.ft., and our priority is to travel – while paying off debt.

Digital Downsizing

I’m a big fans of technology and the possibilities it offers. We’ve gone paperless by uploading all our music, photos, documents etc. in the sky.

This way we don’t need a lot of storage space for books, folders, dvds, cds etc. and we can access our stuff from anywhere in the world – which fits perfectly with our nomadic lifestyle.

Definition of downsizing

I think a good definition of downsizing (for us) is something like:

To simplify your life, live in a smaller space, and constantly try to come up with creative alternatives to live more with less.

What do you mean by the word “Downsizing”?

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