How Much Do Interior Designers Travel? (Explained)

If you are considering being an interior designer, you might be excited to stretch your creative muscles and work with a variety of interesting people and locations. That means you might have to get out of your hometown and see some new sites!

Do interior designers travel?

When it comes to shopping, seeing locations, and working with national and international clients, there is a lot of travel that goes into Interior Designing. You could end up in many different parts of the country, or even the world.

Let’s learn more!

Traveling for your Career:

Traveling for a job can be a cool job aspect, but it is also not for everyone.

Whether or not you want to travel for your career can depend on whether or not you have a family, pets, or other obligations at home.

If these do not factor in for you, traveling might be a perk that comes with the job.

If you decide you want to be an interior designer, some travel might be required to make that career effectively.

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How Far Should Interior Designers Travel for a Job?

How far you travel as an interior designer can depend. As an interior designer, you will not have a typical office job and will often be required to complete work outside of your office.

This is necessary to get a feel for the space you are working with, to shop for the materials and furniture necessary, and to go to showrooms or design centers.

Depending on how popular or how in-demand you are as a designer, you could travel for different distances.

Most interior designers only travel locally or regionally. This is because they are likely to work with clients in their area of influence.

If you are better-known or in higher demand, you could travel nationally to meet with clients.

Overall, you should be able to set how far you are willing to travel for your clients and can do so to fit with your schedule and lifestyle.

You should keep in mind though that the farther away you accept clients, the more clients you will be able to find.

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How Much are Interior Designers Compensated for their Travels?

If you do travel, you will probably have a set form of compensation for that travel time. You want to make sure you compensate yourself for your travel time and the expenses that come with it.

This can be set up in a couple of different ways.

Fee by Miles:

One of the ways to charge for your travel expenses would be to create a flat fee for any miles that you would have to travel after a certain number.

Commonly under this structure, you would travel with no fee and only charge if you go over a certain mileage that you have preset. This number could be after 20, 30, or even 40 miles.

You would also want to set a certain cost per mile and be upfront with your customers about what those charges would be.

Fee by Hours:

Instead of charging a fee after so many miles, you can instead choose to charge your customers for your time.

If you go this route, you will charge your customers from the time you leave your door to the time you get back. This includes travel time as well as time working.

This would also be something that you would outline in advance and be open when discussing this with your customers.

Other Expenses:

Other expenses can be included in the fees that you present to a client. If you are traveling out of state and will need airfare, a hotel stay, or any other additional expenses, you can discuss this with your client in advance, and it is possible that these fees could be covered as well.

Other expenses to consider when you are traveling long distances can include whether or not you will need materials that are not local to your client.

If you have to ship any materials, this can also be a few to consider and work out as an additional expense.

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How Many Travel Days Should I Expect as an Interior Designer?

As an interior designer, you should expect to be out of the office more often than you are in the office. You will be at client’s houses, design studios, furniture stores, and manufacturing sites.

This does not necessarily mean that you will have to travel long distances to these destinations. Often you will have these sites in your area or close to your office for easy accessibility.

How many days you spend traveling will depend on how far you travel for your jobs. If you travel longer distances and stay at a hotel, you will obviously be away from home more often than if you can travel to your client and back just for the day.

Is it Possible to Travel a Lot as an Interior Designer?

If traveling is your goal, you can achieve this as an interior designer. You have a lot of control over your schedule when it comes to traveling and what clients you accept and their locations.

This means that you can travel as much or as little as you would like.

Some interior designers choose to travel out of state and across the country instead of just within driving distance of their home or office.

This is completely possible for you, especially if you make a name for yourself and are in high demand.

If traveling long distances is not something that you want out of your career, you do not have to do this. You can set your limits for how far you would like to travel for a client and stick to those.

Having these boundaries is a good way to ensure that you are home every night if this is important to you. This can be important for interior designers who have families that they want to be home for.

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Can I be an Interior Designer without Traveling at All?

Regardless of how far you choose to travel, to be an interior designer, you will need to work outside your office often.

You cannot remodel or design spaces if you do not travel to them, you also need to go shopping for your clients to secure their design pieces.

Overall, traveling as an interior designer is incredibly possible, and there are many ways to control how much you travel. You can also charge for your travel time so that you can make your money back that is spent.


Traveling as an interior designer is an exciting, educational experience! If you’re serious about being an interior designer, you need to be adaptable, efficient, and great at working with clients.

Pack your bags and get out there, or hit the pavement and strut, because you will be a great designer if you do!

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