The Growing Do-It-Yourself Economy (DIYE)

Published On April 14, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Working online

Recently I stumbled over this quote in an Economy magazine:
“If the (U.S.) economy is to survive, it will have to be through the efforts of those tapping into a do-it-yourself economy (DIYE) and the many emerging entrepreneurship.”

Many major companies have downsized their workforce, and started to move toward a more “work-at-home jobs”, as a result of re-structuring.

Growing possibilities online

This means, that more people are able to work from anywhere, and follow their heart and do what they love. We love that!

Through the use of online services, we are no longer necessarily chained to a desktop computer or phone. More and more people find the courage to start their own business, and be able to work anytime and anywhere.

We have been doing this for the last couple of years ourselves, and we enjoy life on the road. As some of you know we used to run an online print-on-demand webservice, but we felt chained to the printers and the office, so we decided to quit that.

Today we (Morten) earn our income from helping people out with online marketing, and we also earn some money from our youtube channels: OnegirlOnesuitcase, GoDownsize and MurphyBedHQ, and a bit from affiliate links here on

Some of the links on this post about furniture for small spaces will point to shops, where we will a small percentage of any sale.


The DIYE Mindset

1- With the creation of “what you see is what you get” web design software, today everybody can build their own web sites, e-commerce sites etc. Check here how easy it is to create your own website.

2- Savvy computer people work for themselves without leaving the comfort of their own homes, nor having ever taken a single course in computer sciences. Most stuff can be learned online (e.g. on Youtube).

3- Further creating an environment for DIYE people are the many online schools, that offer college/vocational courses equal to many conventional on-campus sites.

4- We find websites, where people can look for a doctor, check on their specialty/procedures and even discover the prices, before making an appointment. Lots and lots of opportunities to move services online.

“Learn something yourself, and then do it yourself,” is the slogan for this new economy.

This mindset eliminates the middle man, so to speak, and help people become self-employed business owners.

A Growing Economy

The number of DIYE workers is growing. What makes this shift so unique, is that it celebrates the empowerment of individuals, to create their own jobs and a greater level of personal freedom.

We have a couple of articles about working online, where you can find inspiration.

What’s your dream job, and do you consider working for yourself one day?


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