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Published On June 7, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Living small

Emami is a Scandinavian design company who focuses on multi-functional pieces.

Their goal is that every piece can be worn in a variety of ways and be personalized by the person wearing it. It is clothes for everyone but preventing that everyone looks the same:)

I first heard of Emami in 2010 when I attended design school in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of my classmates wore one of their designs, and it took me a while to figure out that it was the same piece.

I found it very intriguing and had to try one out.

4 styles with the same dress

4 styles with the same dress


Perfect light travel clothes

The idea for the business started when the founders were doing some extended traveling and detected a problem.

They either had to carry a big backpack with a lot of clothes or wear the same items all the time, none of those options were ideal for these fashion forward girls. Being designers they started sketching, trying to solve the problem.

They founded EMAMI and are now focusing on multi-functional pieces and basics which is the perfect clothes for light travel. Mission accomplished:)

EMAMI the perfect light travel clothes

EMAMI the perfect light travel clothes

They have 6 different multi-functional pieces, most of them are made in a high quality jersey that falls very nicely and doesn’t easily wrinkle when packed away.

With these pieces you can cover up quickly when leaving the beach.

You can go sightseeing in comfortable wrap around pants, stay all day, and then change it to a dress for the night if you want to go get a cocktail or to a nice restaurant.

When I travel I like to study the architecture, so for me the biggest plus is the ability to wear a normal dress when visiting the sights.

Then if I want to visit a church with a dress code, I can change the dress and get my arms and knees covered. Also, if it gets chilly in a museum, it is great to be able to change it a little bit and cover my arms.

The limitless dress

Their most versatile dress is the “Limitless dress”, which can be worn in more than 30 ways.

Of course some of the options are variations of each other and bit similar, but enough to have a sense of wearing something different than the day before.

This dress is the ultimate light travel piece of clothes, it has so many variations. It can be used as pants, a flowy sun dress, classic cocktail dress, a shorter party dress, draped shirt and loose jacket.

Interested in getting one of these or see more designs, check out www.Emami.dk

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