When the family grows (and the apartment doesn’t)

Published On June 18, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard | Living small

We all know that the arrival of a newborn changes things quite a lot.

We have met a lot of people, who wish to stay in their city apartment after adding a baby or two to the family, and now it’s soon our turn to join the club! 

We are expecting a baby anytime now, and here are our tips on how to get the apartment up to speed – before the baby arrives.

Folding changing tables

These fold-down changing tables are great.



These take up much less space than an ordinary changing table.


Found online at $139

Most people put these in the bathroom, but we also have friends who hang it in the living room. That is definitely also possible if the bathroom is too small.


When you shop baby stuff, you have to pay attention to your space.

It’s very easy to fill up your space with lots of stuff, and people will tell you that you need to do so. But there are smarter options.

A changing table can also be placed on top of the baby bed, and often these beds can double-function as playpen. Very useful when the baby gets a little bigger and starts to run around.

You can also place the changing table elsewhere, e.g. on top of a table or a sideboard.

Even the thin wall-mounted changing tables have space for diapers, cloths etc.

If you choose to go with a more standard changing table, this one is pretty cool as it has an extractable bathtub for the baby.



Found here from $120 including shipping.

This way you don’t need to find space for a separate bathtub for baby.

Find space for all the baby stuff

You need space for clothing and other stuff as well, luckily these items don’t take up much space, because guess what – they’re tiny!

You can mount small containers on the inside of a locker, to be used for the everyday stuff like bibs and pacifiers.

A clothes rack for baby clothes can be mounted even in small closets.

If you use a normal closet, you can cut the hanger area in half, and install shelves below for all the rest of the baby clothes.


Bed rollers are always handy, and it’s always very easy to finds stuff inside bed rollers.


Choosing a bed with a little space below for bed rollers is a good idea, and you can also choose a baby bed with built-in drawers.

Use the inside of the door


If you live in the city, a baby stroller is a must have.

Choose a model that can be folded easily, and maybe even one that can hang on the inside of the door.

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