Homemade Murphy Bed

Published On January 24, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard | Beds

This is our Murphy Bed. Maria has designed it and built it. We will upload a instruction plan here on the site eventually. The bed is built with extra storage behind the bed, to add some extra depth and get space for our winter clothes, travel gear etc.

Extra height

We have built it with longer legs than normal murphy beds, because we are used to sleep 25” above ground in our tall storage bed.

Here are some pictures from the bed

First: a picture of the bed in folded up position…


Here’s another picture, where the bed is folded down, and closet behind the bed is revealed…


Finally you can see inside the closet behind the bed. Here we store our trolleys (carry-ons’s only of course  :) we are light travellers), winter clothes etc.


I want weekly inspiration:

  • Beth

    Would you possibly have directions with materials, dimensions & details to share? Great job; I love it.

  • Patrick Corfixsen

    Do you still have the schematics for sale ? we planned on buying them to make our own bed but now murphybedhq seems to be down, is it temporary? and would it be possible to get them through you still ?

    • Hi Patrick, it’s definitely for sale, the website should be up again in a day ;) thanks!