How to organize your jewelry nicely

Published On February 27, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | bathroom

Downsizing your belongings to a minimum, doesn’t mean that you can’t have any jewelry. It just means that you have thought about what jewelry you have, so you don’t have a lot of rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. that you aren’t wearing anyway.

To help you with this part of your minimalism journey, I’ll here take a look at how your can downsize your jewelry collection, the best way to keep your jewelry collection and what you should do with the jewelry gifts you might get as a woman.


Downsizing your collection

There are lots of advantages to having only a little jewelry. First of all, your jewelry isn’t that different from the shoes and clothes in your wardrobe. You probably have some favorites that you wear most of the time and a lot of items that aren’t really wearing (often you end up wearing 20% of your items 80% of the time).

So in other words, you probably have a lot of jewelry that takes up room without giving you any enjoyment.

When you have too much jewelry, you will probably also spend time finding and untangling your favorites. Maybe you can’t find your favorite necklace because it is hidden amongst a lot of other items in your jewelry box – and when you finally find it, you have to untangle it from all the other necklaces.

A good strategy to follow, when you are downsizing your jewelry, is this one, where you cut down 50% on your amount of jewelry in one go.

Keeping your collection

When you have downsized your jewelry, you need to find a good way to keep it.

Depending on how much you have downsized, you might not need a jewelry box anymore. Maybe you can store everything in one or two small pouches, or you might choose to go for one of the many DIY solutions.

When it comes to DIY solutions, I especially like using branches as a sort of jewelry tree. Not only when the branches are nature-like, but also when they have been painted like some of the examples here.

Using branches to keep and organize your jewelry puts a natural limit to how much jewelry you can have, which is a good motivator.


How to handle jewelry gifts

No matter how hard you try, you will probably end up getting jewelry gifts at some point.

Such gifts are quite popular amongst people who haven’t started to downsize, but they might cause a bit of a problem, if you have already downsized your jewelry collection and haven’t really got room for anything in your pouches or on your branches.

My solution to such gifts is to implement the 1 in 1 out principle. When a jewelry gift is received, some other jewelry item have to go.

Using that principle, your jewelry collection will stay the same size no matter how many gifts you receive!


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    • Yes and it’s a good place to start, because it’s manageable :)

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