Can Interior Designers Save You Money? (5 Helpful Examples)

Everyone wishes that their home could resemble the pictures that grace the covers of glossy home décor magazines. If they could justify the potential cost of hiring an interior designer, most people would jump at the opportunity to revamp their homes!

However, most people don’t realize that hiring an interior designer may actually save you money in the long run.

Can interior designers save you money?

A good interior designer can help you to save money on the cost of your remodel or new construction design. They can arrange for lower prices on products used in your home and help you to save your valuable time.

We’ve highlighted some great tips and tricks to saving money while hiring a designer. Check them out!

Can You Actually Save Money When Hiring an Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer is high on the wish list for many homeowners, but they often feel that it is just out of their reach financially. What many people fail to realize is that hiring an interior designer could actually be saving them money on their remodel. It can even boost the resale value of your home!

First and foremost, an interior designer saves you time. The old adage about time being money definitely applies in this situation.

A designer already has an excellent working knowledge about what colors pair together, where to purchase the best granite countertops, and what type of tile works best in a kitchen. They have done this sort of work for years.

On the other hand, it may take you months to sort through all of the potential options on the market today.

A good designer makes the entire process easier and faster so that you can move on with the rest of your life.

This is certainly one way that they can save you money in the long run.

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Finding Deals & Making Choices

A great interior designer also helps you to identify which purchases matter for the future of your home. Is that sofa you have your eye on made from quality materials that will last for a decade, or will it be trashed next year?

Interior designers can spot quality immediately and can help you to make investments in pieces that will be both timeless and durable.

Last but not least, they also have access to some discounts on furniture and other items. While not all designers will utilize these discounts, it is a very tangible way that they could be helping you to save a few dollars on the overall cost of your remodel.

Are Furniture Items Cheaper Through an Interior Designer?

One of the main expenses of remodeling your home is purchasing all new furniture. Between couches, entertainment centers, and coffee tables, a simple living room remodels might cost thousands of dollars. Is it possible that a professional interior designer could help you to score a discount on this major purchase?

Some interior designers do frequent local trade shows and wholesalers that will sell to them at a substantial discount.

Many businesses do offer discounts to trade professionals who shop with them. Interior designers are often considered for these types of trade discounts and special promotions. They also are usually good at networking with manufacturers and sellers from all over the country!

However, not all interior designers will shop this way. Many of them purchase affordable items from big box stores like Target or Home Goods. They can browse the aisles (and the internet) for good deals, but they aren’t going to receive any type of special discount based on their line of work.

Be sure to talk with your interior designer about where they source most of their furniture when collaborating with him or her during the early stages.

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Do Interior Designers Use Recycled Stuff?

Some people wonder whether they can make an impact on the environment simply by using recycled goods in their new designs. You may have an old dining room table that belonged to your great grandmother that you are set on using as a centerpiece of your new design. While this is a great way to save money, using recycled items can also be extremely sentimental.

A good interior designer is always up for a challenge.

Many professionals are more than willing to work in recycled items wherever they can.

They may choose to update old or existing pieces with a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. In the end, these minor changes still end up being a more affordable solution for many homeowners.

Another popular avenue that many interior designers are currently exploring is local thrift stores and flea markets. You can find great pieces that are structurally sound and have great bones, but they need a little bit of a facelift. An interior designer can see the potential in these pieces and pull the whole look together in your house.

Using recycled items is a great way to go green with your building project and save a few dollars in the process. Be sure to talk with your interior designer about what type of recycled items you might be able to incorporate in your design.

Should I Use an Interior Designer Before Selling my Home?

Putting your home on the market is a significant decision. You want to ensure that you get top dollar for your property so that you can move on to bigger and better things. Hiring an interior designer is one way to ensure that your home gets more traffic and could potentially sell for a higher price.

Think about it from a buyer’s perspective.

If you were browsing through all of the potential real estate listings, are you going to want to see the home with one beautiful design throughout or a home that looks like it needs a significant update?

While both may have similar specs, most prospective buyers would prefer a home that looks more move-in ready compared to a potential project.

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An Investment in the Future

While you may end up paying an interior designer for their services and the cost of materials, this could end up evening out when you receive a higher bid on your home. Investing money into your home right now can pay off later.

An interior designer can help you to make wise decisions about what will appeal to the masses.

Just because your personal taste lends itself to bright colors and bold furniture doesn’t mean that this will sell your home. A professional opinion might be a much-needed objective view that can help you to stay neutral when designing the space for resale value.

Keep in mind that an interior designer is not the same thing as home staging.

You may also want to hire someone to stage your home to give potential buyers the best idea of what space will look like when they move in. This person may temporarily provide artwork, furniture, curtains, and other items to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Your home stager and interior designer may work together to create a design that genuinely draws in people who are currently on the market for their new home.

Can My Designer Help Me Choose Items for My Home?

Some people have this notion that an interior designer makes all of the executive decisions about the design of a particular space.

Unfortunately, many homeowners allow interior designers to steamroll them about specific decisions that mean a great deal to them. The relationship does not have to be so rigid. Your designer can communicate with you and assist you with choosing items you love for your home.

A quality interior designer should keep your goals and preferences in mind when coming up with a design and sourcing materials.

They should present you with multiple options and help you to see which ones best suit your home.

One of the main advantages of having an interior designer working with you is that they come alongside you to help you make the final decisions. They know which styles will still be in fashion five years from now. It’s better to stick with timeless classics than to purchase a trendy sofa set that will be outdated by this time next year.

Not only do they help you to choose timeless pieces, but they also help you to select quality furniture. They know what type of specifications to look for and are familiar with many of the leading name brands.

You can rely on their technical expertise to help you make a wise investment in your home instead of purchasing items on a whim or based on emotion.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring an interior designer should be viewed as an investment in your home.

While it does ultimately have some cost to it, you may be saving infinitely more by choosing to go with a professional when remodeling your home.

Particularly if you are looking to place your home on the market, interior design can be helpful. Be sure to have open and honest communication with your designer so that all of your expectations will be met when the project is completed.

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