Amazing Interior Designers You Should Know! (Sorted By State)

Designing the interior of your home can be such a wonderful and personal experience.  While some choose to take it on themselves, others need a little bit of professional help.

This is where an amazing interior designer comes in handy.  An interior designer can not only give your home an upgrade, but they can also help walk you through the process.  This way, you know that you are getting exactly what you envisioned for your home.

But, with so many designers out there, how do you find the right one?  That’s where we come in!  We have done the research so that you don’t have to!

Keeping in mind your budget and design aesthetic, you can certainly find the right one for you. You can check out all the designers we listed in our reference links below!

Here are some of the most amazing designers per state that will be sure to elevate your space!

New York

New York City has been hailed as one of the best cities in the world.

However, New York is more than just a big city.  You can find vast country lands, charming little towns, and even sprawling cottages. 

Here are some of the best interior designers located all throughout the many faces of New York.

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JMW Interior Design

Located right in the heart of the Captial City of Albany, JMW Interior Design offers a touch of class along that fits right into this historic city.  JMW Interior Design has been delivering quality work to the Capital Region for over a decade.

But what sets them apart from other designers in the area?  One of JMW Interior Design missions is to work within your specific budget.

In fact, the first step before a consultation is to establish a budget and a general plan.

The reason for getting all the hard work out of the way up-front is so that you can save hundreds of hours of research.  The designer will then do all of the legwork for you from researching paint styles to finding the best furnishing deals.

This company promises to save you money in the long run.  While it may seem like a huge cost to hire a designer, you have to remember what you are getting.  You are not only getting a custom design, but you are also getting thousands of deals by working directly with wholesalers.

One of the reasons why JMW Interior Designs is so revered in Albany is that they have a tony of local connections.  These contacts include vendors from the home industry that deliver amazing products at a reduced cost.

This designer specializes in all types of design.  From modern bathrooms to classic living areas, they really do have something for every taste.

Kati Curtis Design

We were first drawn to this NYC designer by their use of bright colors and bold personal touches.

In a world bull of beige, it is absolutely refreshing to see designers not afraid to add a pop of lime green.  One of the best things about Kati Curtis Design is that they offer both residential designs as well as commercial design.  This makes Kati Curtis your one-stop shop for all of your design needs.

Kati Curtis lets you know right away that they are different from other designers in the area.  Instead of just “designing” your new place, they set out to tell a story through color and texture.  And, this shows in their work!

One thing that we really love is Kati Curtis’ redesigned historic houses.  Too often, we see beautiful old architecture overshadowed by loud design.  But, this interior designer respects history and its beauty, and it shows.

You start off with an in-depth consultation that outlines all of your wants as well as your dislikes.  In order to get a cohesive design, you have to have some trust in your designer and follow their direction.

With Kati Curtis Design, the vision comes before everything.  From there, you will get a fully-formed plan of your new interior down to the craftsman that they will be using.  Once you have a complete design, your designer will hash out the little details before moving on to the budget.

You will be able to view this process along the way through open communication and photo uploads of the transformation.  One thing we love about Kati Curtis Design is that they treat your re-design like a huge gift.

They always end with a big reveal of your new space.  Complete with final touches like flowers and candles.  This way, you can walk into your new home with fresh eyes and a touch of surprise and dazzle.

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The only thing better than living with a view of some of the tallest mountains is doing it from the home of your dreams.  Nothing helps your space feel more like your own than those personal design touches.

So, if you live in the snowy state of Colorado, here are some of the best interior designers to keep an eye out for!

Turk Interiors

When you think about homes in Colorado, you think of rich wood accents, stone fireplaces, and a warm place for the family to gather.  And, this is exactly what you can come to expect from Turk Interiors.

I was instantly drawn to their use of rich, warm metals paired with crisp white tiles.  But it doesn’t end there.  Turk Interiors offers luxury looks with classic touches.  But, what makes them the best in Colorado Springs?  Their attention to detail and years of experience sets them apart.

The design process starts with a consultation that you can book right from their webpage, making it super convenient.  Here you will discuss what is important to you with design.  From the way you live your life, to what your family needs – everything is covered.

Next, your designer will gather color palettes and textures and start to carve out a fresh, newly designed home for you.  One important thing to note about Turk Interiors is that they always keep your needs at the forefront of their design.

Turk Interiors promises that at the end of the project, you will be left with a custom-designed house that reflects what truly matters to you.  But don’t take our word for it!  There are hundreds of positive reviews as well as rewards under Turk Interiors’ belt.  This, paired with the amazing deals that they promise to deliver, makes choosing Turk Interiors a no-brainer.

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TVL Creative

TVL Creative – or This Visionary Life – is the premier interior design studio located in the heart of Denver, Colorado.  TVL Creative is a design studio that has its finger on the pulse of what is new and trendy in Colorado.

The love for TVL is clear through their many awards and client testimonials.  TVL likens themselves to being “creative visionaries.”  Offering design solutions for every person through imagination and experience.

One thing I love about TVL Creative is that they take pride in thinking outside the box.  This makes them a great option for people who are looking for more out of home design.  Looking at interior design in a new way is absolutely refreshing.

But, how does their work stack up?  Their portfolio is the best place to see all of their hard work.  I am in love with the use of bright geometric backsplashes in the kitchen with the use of innovative lighting.  The spaces they have transformed are bright, clean, and absolutely gorgeous.

TVL Creative sets out to make the design process as simple as possible for their clients.  By using a team of designers, they do an amazing job of pinpointing the needs of their clients with incredible results.

They use advanced technology to keep you in the loop during the entire process.  You are guaranteed to be left with a space to call you own.


We all know that everything is bigger and brighter in Texas.

But, how does it stack up when it comes to interior design.  You may be surprised to know that not everything is animal heads and wood barns in this bustling state.

Here are some of the best interior designers locate right in the heart of the lone star state.

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Austin has quickly become one of the trendiest cities in America.  It is no surprise that young up-and-comers are flocking to this city in droves.  But, where do you turn when you are looking to bring your mid-century Texas home into the new millennium?

For people in Austin, this is BANDD DESIGN.  At first glance, BANND DESIGN catches your eye with its beautiful webpage.  You are greeted with warm rooms paired with off-the-cuff touches like a bright blue velvet couch.

It is easy to say that BANND DESIGN isn’t for the faint of heart.  But, as far as we can see – they have something for everyone.  BANND is founded and run by Sara Malek Barney, who also happens to be the lead designer.

BANDD offers a full-service interior design for your home as well as lots of ala carte options.  Some of the more popular services include bathroom and kitchen remodels, furnishings, lighting, and even custom furniture concepts.

One thing we love about BANND DESIGN is that they have a budget worksheet.  This way, you can plan your design around your specific budget.  This means that you can customize what you can do in your home bases on what you are able to spend.

BANND is a flexible design company that promises to work with you and not for you.  So, if you’re looking for more out of a designer than just design, BANND has just what you are looking for.

By Design Interiors, INC

I have always been drawn to the shabby-chic style of southern homes.

Finding that perfect balance of modern lines with country living can be tricky.  But, for By Design Interiors – it’s a passion.  Located in the heart of Houston, By Design Interiors has become one of the most beloved designers in this southern state.

By Design Interiors promises a professional process where quality is not forgotten about.  This is done through a series of consultations where you can layout of wants and needs as well as your budget.

From there, By Design Interiors uses their experience and knowledge to bring a serious one-of-a-kind home.  One of the best parts of this design firm is that they are there for every step.  From the initial design all the way up to the last finishing touches.

One important thing to note is that interior design isn’t the only service that By Design Interiors offers.  They specialize in new home construction, decorating, interior design, custom furnishings, and window treatments.

This helps to make By Design Interiors the only firm you will need for all of your home design needs!

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While Georiga was once seen as a sleepy southern state, more and more people are flocking to it.

So, what makes this sweet tea state so special? From a bustling movie studio to idea weather, Georgia is quickly becoming a true destination. But, how does it stack up when it comes to interior design?

Here are some of the most loved interior designers that you can find in Georgia.

Balance Design

One of my favorite design tricks is using nature as your inspiration.

Bringing a little bit of the outside to the inside can make spaces feel more open and warm.  This just so happens to be Balance Design’s niche!  At first glance at their webpage, you are drawn to the classic mix of vintage style leather with dark stone and bright accents.

I like to refer to this style of design as a “professor.”  This is because it feels rich while still being relatable and comfortable.  The all-female design team of Balance Design works closely with clients to bring them a home that they can truly call their own.

But how do they do this so well?

The coolest part of their process is that they take into consideration their client’s personalities.  This way, they can have a complete connection to their newly designed home on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Balance Design is that they never forget about what is really important.  This is why they vow to use environmentally sustainable materials to help shape the design of their homes.

It’s no secret that the retail side of design has produced more waste than we need.  This is why it is so refreshing to see a design firm remember to take care of the planet – as well as their clients!

The Sisters and Company

Nestled in the heart of metro Atlanta, you will find The Sisters and Company design firm.  This bright and bubbly design team offers breathtaking rooms that are not only colorful but also are luxurious.

The Sisters and Company are devoted to bringing their clients a unique design that is bold and functional.  Their attention to detail, paired with over 20 years of experience, has people in Atlanta flocking to their studio.

The Sisters and Company specialize in single room design as well as office design.  They promise to give your space a new lease on life by using unique textures and bright colors.  The process begins with an initial appointment with the sisters.  From there, they will have a better sense of what you are looking for when it comes to furniture, style, lighting, color, and much more!

Another important thing to note is that The Sisters and Company offer the first initial consultation to clients for free.  After your first meeting, the sisters will make an inspiration board with fabrics and pictures to help guide them through the process of designing your new space.

When it comes to budget, The Sisters and Company have you covered.  They will discuss your preferred budget within you right at the top, so they know exactly what you are able to spend.  This way, you can still get a beautifully redesigned room within your spending limits.


Washington can sometimes catch a bad reputation for being a rainy state.

But, there is so much more to this northwest state!  Washington is full of brilliant nature scenes and colorful people.  This is why it is important to find an interior designer who has a finger on the pulse of this gorgeous state.  Here are some of the top interior designers that you can find tucked away among the wilderness.

Seriously Happy Homes

Seriously Happy Homes promises to be there for you when you are ready to make a big change to your home.  Best of all – they do it through humor!  Working with Seriously Happy Homes will feel more like consulting with a good friend.  This is because they set out to take off the pressure from design and add in a little bit of whim!  Hence the name, Seriously Happy Homes.

The process starts off with a quick-action consulting session.  You will get an opportunity to meet with the designer in your very own room.

This is so much more personal than an “in-office” visit!  This way, your designer can get a truer sense of who you are and what your personal design aesthetic is.  If you’re looking for more of a partnership, Seriously Happy Homes has the right service for you!

Their “Design Collab” package allows you to be more of a part of the process.  Working as a team, you will browse inspiration pictures, colors, and textiles to find the right style.  Ready to jump in?  Seriously Happy Homes has a complete design package called “The Works.”

With this package, the designer will make complete plans for your home, including floorplans, finishes, and embellishments.  One important thing to note is that this design firm prefers to work with smaller spaces so that their story can make a bigger impact.

Hyde Evans Design

There is so much that goes into designing the interior of a home.

So, finding a design team that is equipped to handle all of your unique challenges is key to success.  That is why clients love Hyde Evan’s Design so much!  Not only does this design firm specializing in interior design, but they also are certified in interior architecture.  This makes this the person one-stop-shop for all of your home interior needs.

But how do they work?

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Hyde Evans Design takes on projects big and small to completely transform a space from top to bottom.  Working with Hyde Evans Design will give you a well-rounded experience in design from the very first step.

This step is the birth of the concept for your redesigned home.  This concept will layout all of the steps that will go into elevating your space. This includes space design, project management, and purchasing.

One of the biggest perks about working with an interior design firm is that you can get a tony of deals on things like furniture, lighting, and even window treatments.  One thing I love about Hyde Evans Design is that they have a small team of designers working for them.

This helps to keep the project from feeling overwhelming with a more focused vision – and it shows in their work!  From classic clean lines punched up with a pop of orange to their bold use of wood detailing, they have it all.


The golden coast has always been known for its glamour and sunshine.

But, how does all of that glitz translate when it comes to interior design? 

Every corner of California is different.  From the streets of Hollywood to the snowy mountain tops to the north – there are many sides to this massive state.  Here are some of the best designers that each brings a little something different to this loved state.

Form + Field

My favorite place in California is San Fransisco.  This city is full of love and amazing characters.  This is why it is so important for an interior designer to reflect this.

That is exactly what Form + Field does!  The first thing that pulls you in is the use of different textures in their designs.  Whether it is a woven pillow or even and textured cabinet face, the talent is there.  The texture is so important to design because it adds depth and character to any room, which is exactly what San Fransico is about!

The best way to get a sense of what Form + Field is about is by viewing their gallery of projects.  The use of “accent” walls is truly innovative.

Accent walls took a swing in the ’90s, but Form + Field found a way to elevate it into the new century.  My favorite is the large kitchen wall, highlighted with blue and rows and rows of hanging copper pots.  It really does combine function with form beautifully.

However, it is important to note that you will be paying for these elite services.  While Form + Field does work hard for everyone, it does come at a price.

While they don’t list exact prices, they do have a budget minimum to consider.  For furnishing projects, they require a minimum budget of $50k.  For renovation design projects, you will need a minimum budget of $80k.  But, if you can swing it – it’s well worth it!

Jeff Andrews Design

You can’t mention the glitz and glam of California without talking about the starstruck city of Los Angeles.  While there are hundreds of design firms in LA, one really stands up.

Jeff Andrews Design is exactly what you would think about when you think about LA.  Gold chandeliers paired with luxurious textiles nestled beneath rich wood is exactly the type of glam we were looking for out of an LA-based designer.

Jeff Andrews Design’s mission is to bring livable interiors to all different types of people.  Whether you are designing your family home or your bachelor pad – Jeff Andrews Design can create a space that you love.

But why is this important?  Design, at its core, is truly personal experience.  So, wouldn’t you want someone designing your interior that takes your personal preferences seriously?

But don’t just take our word for it!  Jeff Andrews Design has worked with on tons of celebrity homes like Kourtney Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, among much more!  The point is to bring high-quality designs that also have function and comfort.

Along with being a top-tier designer, Jeff Andrews also sells high-quality design products like rugs, window treatments, and more.  Best of all, they are suited to work with clients from all different viewpoints and walks of life.

Barrie Livingstone

When working with California-based interior designers, word of mouth means everything.

Barrie Livingstone has made a successful living as an interior designer based on the amazing reviews of his clients.  In fact, Barrie Livingstone has been feared on any design shows here in the US.  But does the work live up to the hype?  Yes, it does!

With Barrie Livingstone, you’re getting much more than just a designer.  This is because he also an esteemed realtor working out of the glorious Malibu, CA.  Barrie’s passion is finding buildings and homes and redesigning them to make them more livable and functional.

He also prides himself in finding that perfect place for you.  So, from start to finish, you can expect a complete customized experience based on what your specific needs are.

My favorite project that Barrie Livingstone has designed is the “Big Rock Malibu Beach Home.”  This classic malibu pad has been completely redesigned to reflect the beauty of this beach city.

The use of glass doors and windows make the space feel open and really use that oceanview like an extension of the home.  When you think California, you think beach home – and Barrie Livingstone designs do not disappoint.


When I think of Connecticut, I think of historic homes and beachside rentals.

Connecticut has been known to be one of the most wholesome states in the US.  This is because of its rich history.  It’s hard to walk down a street without hitting a historic landmark.

But, how does their interior design handle all of that history?  Let’s take a deep dive into some of the best interior designers in Connecticut to see how they pair history with design.

Sally Scott Interior Design

One of the most important things that you want to look for in a great interior designer is experience.  Sally Scott Interior Design has over 30 years of award-winning interior design, which makes them one of the best designers in Connecticut.  Sally Scott Interior Design is a team of four designers that are dedicated to improving the design of homes all across New England.

One thing that Sally Scott Design is well known for is their extensive research.  Having intensive knowledge of the community and how design can transform a person is key.

One thing we love about Sally Scott Interior Design is that they respect the history of the homes they work on.  This is important because Connecticut is ultra-rich in history.

One of my favorite design elements that can be seen throughout their designs is their use of classic furnishings with modern upgrades.  For example, the refurbished antique chairs used in one home were given a whimsical facelift by adding charming carvings into the wood.

In fact, most of their designs scream historic comfort.  The pairing of frilly comforters with masculine-style bedframes makes the space feel comfortable yet strong.

Design House Interiors

Design Home Interiors is one of the premier interior design firms in Connecticut.  They are run by three powerful women designers who try to take a unique approach to interior design.

However, you can expect much more from Design Home Interiors than just a redesign of your home.  In fact, they offer over a dozen services from space planning all the way to commercial design.  This way, you know they have experience and a well-rounded sense of design that can beautifully translate to your home.

One thing that I love about Design Home Interiors is that they truly want to work with their clients to bring a cohesive story to their homes.  The number one thing they promise to keep in mind while designing is the homeowner’s wishlist.

That means that your vision, ideas, and budget will be carefully considered and taken into account before even paint swatches are chosen.  This is completely evident in their beautifully mastered online portfolio.

My favorite work that Design Home Interiors has done is the full kitchen remodels.  They took drabby and outdated kitchens that were fully dressed in oak wood and brought them to life with bright colors and bold choices.

Even smaller spaces seem bigger and brighter with the addition of floor-length mirrors and bright pocket lights.  Some people believe that lighting is the heart of interior design, and if that’s the case – Design Home Interiors is a master at their craft.

Final Thoughts

If the home is where the heart is, shouldn’t it be a complete reflection of what is important to you?

States are much more than just a place on the map.  Each comes with its own sense of hometown pride that is often reflected in the design.  That is why it is so important to highlight the work of some of the amazing designers from each state.  What is popular in Texas might not be so hot in New York.

While there are thousands upon thousands of interior designers across the country, not all of them are created equal when it comes to experience and style.

That is why we have worked to highlight some of the most truly special ones out there.  So, next time you’re looking to spruce up your home office, or are looking to do a full remodel, give one of these talented design firms a chance!  You won’t regret it.  Good luck.


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