More interior ideas for the small kitchen

Published On May 5, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard | Kitchen

A small kitchen does not mean you cannot cook a nice dinner.

You need space to cook, and there’s a lot of good ideas that can make that happen, even in a tiny kitchen space.


You need to utilize the space you have to your best ability.

It’s not just about finding space for all your stuff and utensils, they also have to be accessible, so it can be a fun and good experience to cook.

If the kitchen is poorly arranged, it will become frustrating to prepare food. You want to be able to get to your stuff easily.

Use the wall area creatively

There’s often plenty of space for storage on the walls, even in a small room.

You can mount drawers and shelves all the way to the ceiling, and use a step ladder to get to the top drawers.

(Just don’t put stuff up there you need every day!)


Use open shelves to store utensils you often use, so they are easy to get to.

But before you go all out with open shelves and storage, consider your ability to keep it tidy and orderly. If you’re no good at keeping things nice, you might want to go with cabinets you can close off.


Choose the prettiest items, and hang them on the wall.

It can end up really decorative. A lot of kitchen stuff is really well designed with beautiful colors.

Stack things up in the drawers

Kitchen cabinets have a tendency to get cluttered really quick because pots and pans often stack up – because you want to finish off quickly after cooking or dishwashing.

We often have unused vertical space inside the cabinets, and small shelves like these can help:


Check out these shelves from $13 including free shipping.

These expandable kitchen shelves can really help make that extra room, and it’s easier to keep it nice and clean.

They will help you get a good overview of what’s in the cabinet, and you can get them in lots of different sizes and shapes.

Utilize the sink area

What’s around your sink area?

This space is often wasted because you need it when you are washing the dishes.

Here are a couple of ideas you can use:


Mount small containers above the sink, and use them for detergent and dishwashing brushes.

All of a suddenly it doesn’t look that cluttered.

I never thought about that extra space around the sink area, but it’s definitely possible.

You can also invest in a multi-functional stand to store soap, brushes etc. and you might even find a model with space for herbs.


If you live in an apartment space with a very small kitchen, you probably need more kitchen counter space to work with.

A stand for the dishwashing stuff might take up too much of the precious space, and it’s a good opportunity to hang it above the sink, or get one that can be folded out and fit on top of the sink.

Get more counter space in the small kitchen

Talking about counter space, you can get more out of your space with a few simple tips.

If you own the apartment space you live in, you have the option to change the interior a bit.

If you are up for that, it’s a good idea to get a built-in retractable kitchen counter.

These counters can be rolled out from the top of the cabinet, and when you need that extra space to cook you just pull it out.


If you are re-decorating your kitchen, you can go for a solution like the ones above.

This compact piece of furniture can store many of the basic things you need in the kitchen.


When you need space for a table in your kitchen, start by looking at all the options in the room.

Do you have a wide windowsill that could potentially double-function as a place for eating? Can you make it broader or extend it with a fold-down table?


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