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Small house storage ideas

In Furniture by Morten Storgaard2 Comments

One of the challenges when downsizing your small house is storage. It often takes some creativity to sneak storage into a small apartment, ¬†enabling you to live without too much visible clutter. We have tried to gather some ideas for …

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Small Dining Tables For 2

In Furniture by Morten Storgaard1 Comment

There are lots of creative solutions to utilize this space, and the dining table is a crucial part. We have tried to put together some creative solutions and styles, to inspire you for optimizing your dining area. Narrow width dining …

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Storage beds

In Furniture by Maria FredgaardLeave a Comment

There are so many different ways to store things under a bed. You can go with one of many designs for enclosed storage beds. Here is a short introduction to some of the design variations. [ez-toc] Platform storage beds These …

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Pull out bed for kids

In Furniture by Maria Fredgaard2 Comments

If you have more than one kid and want to save space on the beds during the day, this could be a great solution for you. This is also a great bed for a kid who is always having sleep-overs:) …