Jay Shafer Interview – Tiny House Village Plans

Published On January 19, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

Last month we got a chance to talk to one of the pioneers behind tiny houses. A very nice guy who has inspired us a lot during the years. If you have done any research on the concept of tiny houses, I am sure you have come across Jay Shafer at some point.

Jay Shafer has been a very central figure in the tiny house community from the very beginning (late 90’s), and he has inspired us and lots of other people to downsize and live in a smaller space.

See the interview with Jay Shafer here

We also visited one of Jay Shafer’s tiny houses, and got some footage from the inside, as you will see in the video…

During the interview we talked a bit about Japanese and Scandinavian architecture. These are cultures with a history of simplicity and subtraction in design and architecture, which is very much the core of inspirations behind the tiny house concept.

Tiny House village plans…

Jay talked about everything from his first tiny house projects, designs and the reason why he got started on this idea, his most recent projects with tiny house villages, a very interesting idea, that we absolutely love!

Living tiny in very much a choice to only have what is very important in you life, once people start the process, they often find out that relationships and community is very important and something they long for. Maybe it’s kind of ingrained in us as humans, and maybe the wish for living in community comes with all the extra time and resouces you potentially have when living in a tiny house.

Jay Shafer is currently working on new tiny house plans, and you can get the latest plans and updates on his website: fourlightshouses.com.

Jay has a very special eye for utilizing small spaces, and every house plan is unique in its own way.

We look forward to following the tiny house village project, and we will definitely cover that later here on the site, when the village start taking shape!

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