Light travel bags for outdoor sport trips (ski / surfboards)

Published On September 6, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard

If you are a fan of light traveling like we are, you might choose to travel with hand luggage only.

This can be very difficult though when you are headed for the Alpes skiing or visiting Whistler to go snowboarding.

Bags designed for surfers and skiers

We got a tip from this Danish skiing website about these cool bags, which are designed especially for surfers and skiers.

The thing is that most bags for surfboards and skis are too bulky, and not really well designed. So a Norwegian product engineer and Swedish professional surfer took on the challenge to design the perfect bags.

Here you see the bag in action.


These bags let you carry your things, and the length of the bag is adjustable to fit the size of your equipment!

If you have shorter skis or a smaller surfboard on one trip, you just fold the top of the bag.

Here you can see the bag rolled all up all the way:


You can even attach a regular bag onto the bag, so you won’t have to carry your personal stuff separately.

This makes sense because who doesn’t know the hassle of balancing all your bags in the airport and on the way to the hotel, especially when you have a super-size bag full of long equipment.

Here’s how you do it:


Here’s a video about the story

Folding surfboards

If you want to cram your surfboard into a regular bag, you might look into folding surfboards.

Probably not the most aerodynamic surfboards, but we think the idea is pretty hilarious!

According to, these boards were first invented more than 50 years ago by Thomas D. Price. He called it the “suitcase surfboard”, and it’s basically a collapsible surfboard, that you can carry in a normal size bag:


Pretty cool.

There are also newer designs like the Tri-Fold walden board:


Found here.

But… I guess the bags at the top of the post is the best option if you prefer to bring your favourite board and skis with you.

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