Micro apartments in San Francisco – New rules

Published On May 8, 2013 | By Morten Storgaard | Apartments

San Francisco is know as a extremely high-cost market when it comes to houses and apartments.

Therefore the city is now considering lowering the minimum allowed size of an apartment, from 290 square feet (27 m2) to 220 square feet (20,5 m2). This opens up for new possibilities and designs for micro apartments. 41 % of the population in San Francisco live alone, so this initiative might come in handy for a lot of people.

The city is filled with young entrepreneurs, who are trying to make it big, on a sometimes small budget. It may be a good solution to open up for smaller living spaces.

micro apartments

micro apartments

Here is a design that could get realized if the new rules go through. Its made by Designer Patrick Kennedy.

“Tiny apartments, the size of two Airstream trailers, could be the wave of the future in San Francisco, Calif. if supervisors approve a resolution to shrink the legal apartment size”
San Francisco Cronicle

Micro apartments in New York

Hopefully this will go through, and we will start seeing real micro apartments in San Francisco just like New York, where the first block is being built as we speak.

The micro apartments in NYC have been on the drawing board for a while, and the first 52 apartments are now being built. More are already planned to go up. The size varies from 250 – 370 Square Feet (23- 34,5 m2), so the City of New York is more liberal when it comes to building regulations.

San Francisco is a liberal and very innovative city, and we are hoping to see this come through. We will be following the development of ‘small-build’ building regulations, so check back if you will too.

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