Minimal wardrobe: Maternity update!

Published On June 22, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard | Living small

I have gone through my wardrobe, and would like to show you what’s inside it during my pregnancy.

I’m 8 months in right now, so none of my old items fit me at the moment.

See my pregnancy clothes here:

As you can see in the video, I have received a lot of clothes from my friends.

They all meant really well, but most of the items they gave me just don’t fit me. So I ended up buying some basic items, and this is what it came down to:

My items:

1 pair of pants (black)
2 pair of tights
2 skirts
1 pair of shorts
2 basic t-shits
1 top
2 loose t-shirts (white)
1 long-sleeve top
2 blouses: (1 short and one longer)
2 tank tops
2 sweaters
1 jacket
1 bathing suit
3 new bras
2 dresses (borrowed from a friend)

I have been wearing the same pants a lot as you can see, and they will probably be all worn out and ready to throw out by the time he gets out.

I normally only own 33 items of clothes, since I joined the project 333 challenge.


I want weekly inspiration:

  • Katie Thomas

    I wore the same size bra luckily for me it just a little tight in the band the last month and that was it. I got a winter coat with a middle panel that I could remove after the baby which was awesome. I just wore the same size shirts just loose fit bc I’m short and I wore 1 size up in pants but with a low elastic waist. So comfy!