Sliding Walls and Gesture Operated Furniture (video)

Published On October 16, 2014 | By Morten Storgaard | Apartments

This tiny 200 sq.ft apartments is a project done by MIT students called CityHome, at MIT Media Lab.

They have hidden lots of furniture and features inside the sliding wall unit in the center of the room, which makes it 3x larger than it really is.

By adding motions sensors and sliding walls, they manage to remove panels and switches, and end up with a very clean and minimalistic feel.

The whole thing is operated by gestures, which makes it very futuristic.

From kitchen to office to bedroom in seconds

When you wake up in the morning, you can slide the bed into the wall unit, and choose whether you want to use the room as a kitchen, living room or office.


Sliding walls transform apartment into bedroom

There’s a nice desk incorporated in the wall as well, and it also slides out to enable you to work.

Lets hope you don’t do the wrong gesture by accident in the middle of a nice dinner party :)

Seat 6 people for dinner

You can also choose to slide the desk all the way out from the wall, to use it as a dinner table. Now you can easily seat 6 people for a nice dinner:


You can choose to slide everything away, and just use the room as a living room. It’s a very nice feature, that you can get a big open space.

Here’s what the room looks like when the table and bed is put away:


You can slide the whole wall unit to the left, to make the bathroom bigger. This is an interesting twist that we haven’t seen before.


A large bathroom is a luxury few tiny space dwellers can enjoy. You can actually double the size of the bathroom, and it all look very easy.

The lights are voice activated, and they can quickly turn the room into a party with flashing lights, or a cozy room with dimmed lights – perfect when you want to invite your date home.

It is just a test apartment, and you will only find it at the university at MIT Media Lab. It is called City home, and is part of the MIT changing places group. Lets hope it will inspire more architects to design new small space solutions.

You can see the video from the apartment here:

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