Modern bus conversion for living on the road full-time

Published On January 21, 2017 | By Maria Fredgaard

In November we visited the Tiny House Festival outside St. Augustin in Florida. We met lots of cool people and homes, and one old school bus caught our attention.

Zack and Annie from NaturalStateNomads invited us inside this cool old school bus conversion.

Modern school bus conversion for full-time living

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The interior is white and bright, and they have done a great job with the kitchen as well as the living area. Lets take a home tour!

The kitchen area



Lots of storage space

You need room for storage, when you plan on living in a small space full time. It’s always a challenge.

In this bus Zack and Anni has been very creative and done a great job. A good example is the sofa area, where they have managed to build in storage inside the armrest as well as under the sofa.

This is the vertical storage inside the armrest:

And here the horizontal storage space from the other armrest:

Very nice detail.

Every inch counts, when you decide to live in a converted school bus!

Underneath the seat you find a huge storage space, and this is also where they store the batteries and electrical stuff:

And here’s the other seat lifted up:

The middle of the bus has a huge door that lets in light and fresh air.

When you move over the ottoman, you have a very relaxed and comfortable sitting area with a good view, if you park the bus in a nice nature spot!

Behind the front seats you also find drawers with extra storage.

Work station with a dog kennel

At the front of the bus they has a nice work station. It’s nice to have the opportunity to stand up and work, and it’s a decent size for a desk.

Zack and Anni has a pretty huge dog, so they decided to build in a dog kennel below the work station:

The bathroom

The bathroom is extremely light and cozy. How about a toilet with a view? They actually placed a tub in the bathroom as well, which you can see in the video at the top of of this post around 7:40 seconds in.

The bathroom has storage built onto the door.

This is where they store everything from makeup to tooth paste etc.

Above the tub you find a shower head:

When you need to get ready in the morning, you can also use the mirror placed above the door in the middle of the bus.

It’s a good height, and an easy way to get ready before you leave the bus.

High ceiling

They decided to paint the ceiling white, which is a brillant idea.

We absolutely love a light and modern touch in tiny homes, and that makes this one of the best bus conversions we have come by so far.

Here’s a shot from outside the bus.

Notice the roof. They have kayaks mounted on the roof, so they can go kayaking when they are in the countryside.

We hope you enjoyed this bus. If you like school bus conversions, you should check out this video as well: School bus converted into hostel on wheels.

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