Nano House – innovations for small dwellings

Published On June 24, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

Nano House is a fantastic book, is was published in 2011, so the innovations are still new and inspiring. Phyllis Richardson is an UK architect, and she has done a great job sorting through, and choosing, the most innovative dwellings.

The homes are architecturally beautiful, have clean lines and show some very unconventional solutions. They all feature great use of space and are very inspiring. I love the fact, that Nano House offers realistic solutions for homes, housing more than 1 or 2 people, since most books skip this challenge.

Nano House beautiful architecture

Each house is introduces with an interview by the owners, that primarily focuses on the design idea and process. Nano house features beautiful pictures and more importantly, enough images per house to show the details – Not just an outside shot.

Phyllis Richardson has a strong consumption angle, she wants the houses to challenge the readers, to think about necessity. What is necessary to live a good life, what do I need, and what is excess?
In my opinion, all the houses really do bring something new to that debate.

Nano House great interior ideas

Every house in this book is less than 807 sq ft (75 m2) and most are under 538 sq ft (50 m2). The book is divided into 5 different chapters.

  1. Homes that families live in full time
  2. Homes that can be moved
  3. Micro retreats not intended for full-time use
  4. Homes with a primary focus on energy efficiency
  5. Homes that can be multiplied; set up as development or in disaster areas

The houses in this book challenges status quo. Phyllis wants to showcase innovations and provoke discussions, and she delivers! I highly recommend this book.

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