Optimize the kids room for storage and play

Published On April 23, 2016 | By Morten Storgaard | Kids

We have written about bunk beds for kids and pull out beds before, and this time we will look at tips to organize the kids room, to make more room for fun and play!


Kids rooms are often filled with toys and great energy.

It’s especially important to have a plan for your stuff in a small space, in order to make the most out of the available square feet, and make it work for the kids in the everyday setting.


The floor is a perfect spot for play.

To create as much floor space as possible to play with the Lego’s or build a castle, you can choose to move things up on the walls with shelves.

On the shelves you can arrange all the toys in boxes, and place them low enough for the kids to reach them.

A system as this below can be made to fit these needs exactly, and they are easy to move around and reorder, as the kids get older.

These shelves can be found here starting at $69

Think creatively when you look for a good spot for a shelf.

They don’t have to be placed on a long empty wall, they can also be placed above a door, behind a door, over the bed or even under the desk.


Bed with double function

For houses with small rooms, you need creative solutions in order to create space for different applications.

These bed solutions make good use of the vertical space in the kids room.

The bed on the left double function as play area and bed, and the other bed leaves room for another bed below and storage. Both solutions adds to a cozy and playful atmosphere.


It is also possible to build your own furniture like this, all you need is carpentry skills and a good imagination, and the kids can probably help out with that last part :)

Loft and bunk beds are great options


See more high beds from $199 including shipping

If you don’t want to build your own loft bed, you can find several good options on the link above.

These beds are super space savers, and you can either get a desk area below the bed, or you can leave room for shelves and boxes with storage.

Image source: Pinterest

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