Ping Pong Door – Table Tennis hack

Published On October 5, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Interior Design

The Berlin based designer Tobias Fraenzel came up with this great idea for the small apartment space.

It’s a ping pong table hidden inside a door, and from one side it just looks like a door, while you can see the actual ping pong table on the other side.


It’s a great gimmick for a young apartment space, where you need to utilize every square feet, and it’s a guaranteed hit among young friends.

A small but fun (folding) ping pong table

It only takes 5 seconds to fold down the table, and get ready for a fun game of ping pong. You just push the lower part of the door forward with your foot, and pull down to swivel the table into position.

The net is easily attached, and the door handle will be positioned close to the net, so it doesn’t interfere with the game.

 Here you can see a small video of the table in action:

This will also be a great idea for the young office space, where you want an alternative to the classic soccer game.

The price will keep you away though, it’s priced as high as $4,000, so not the ideal idea for the young studio apartment. You’ll probably want to build it yourself.

The construction doesn’t seem too hard to figure out.

With a little help from your carpenter friend, it should be possible to build a table like this during a Saturday or two.


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