Poppi board – Table and Wall bed in one

Published On May 2, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard

A lot of people I talk to with kids don’t think its possible for them to downsize. But this piece of multi-functional furniture, will hopefully make you rethink. Let us introduce a brilliant Murphy bed.

If you don’t want to put your kids in the living room, the Poppi board by Clei, is a great solution.

It will give your kids a sleeping space, without taking up too many square feet.


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Thee in one wall bed

The Poppi board is a very clever multi function wall bed. It has storage, a desk and a single bed all in one

It takes up the space of a normal free standing closet. It measures 7 x 6 feet (210 x 180 cm) and is 24 (60 cm) inches deep.

On the top half you have storage, covered by sliding doors. You can fit it with all shelves or   half for hanging clothes. The Poppi Board has space to fit a hole wardrobe for a kid and it will probably still have room for a printer, books or storage for toys.

On the bottom half it has a desk. The desk is mounted on the backside of the bed, so it’s the same length as the bed and 20 inches (50 cm) deep. It can fit a computer, schoolbooks, a lamp, really everything a kid would need to do homework or smaller projects.

Also the desk doesn’t take up any floor space, so the floor is free to play on, building a railway, playing with Lego’s or dolls.

clei.poppi.up clei.poppi.up.boy clei.poppi.down

You don’t have to clear the desk to go to bed

When it’s bedtime, you just remove the chair and maybe fold down a lamp, everything else can stay on the desk and be ready for tomorrow. You push the desk down and out comes the bed.

The bed is a normal single size bed, and comes with a good mattress. When the bed comes down you have storage shelves in the back, enough space for a kid to store the favorite bedtime story books, a picture frame, a teddy bear ect.

When morning comes the bed will be folded up, and the room is ready for school work, drawing and lots of other fun stuff.

Now you can fit a whole kids room in a 7 x 7 feet space. It’s a great unit and I really hope it makes you reconsider downsizing with kids.

More about the Poppi board bed system

Check out the Poppi Board at the European manufacturer at www.clei.it or find similar beds online here (U.S.).

You can also find go here to find a Local Murphy bed store.

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