3 Most-Common Problems With Coachmen Campers (Explained)

Coachmen campers are known for their affordable price, spacious interior, fantastic storage, and longevity.

If maintained well throughout the years, Coachmen campers can last a very long time. Some customers have claimed to be using it for more than ten years.

However, there is much more to these campers than what appears on the surface.

Based on the customer experiences of Coachmen campers, here are the 3 most common problems with Coachmen campers:

1. Materials Used for Manufacturing.

Rotten Floors and Roofs

The first and most disturbing problem of these campers is the rotten floors and roofs.

Yes, exposing the camper to water or rain, and not maintaining it after can eventually cause it to rot, but customers have something different to say about this problem.

According to them, the floors, side floors, and roofs get easily rotten even when they don’t go out for months.

In some cases, customers reported rotten floors and side floors after the first month of buying it. It shows how much cheap and poor material Coachmen uses to manufacture their campers.

Broken parts

Floor, side floors, and roofs are not the only thing made of cheap and poor material.

Every electrical and non-electrical machine inside the camper is also cheap and low quality. The list of things getting broken is very long and varies from customer to customer.

Still, the following are the most common parts or machines inside the camper that become broken:

  • Broken furnace
  • Broken water sink
  • Broken knobs and latches
  • Broken fridge
  • Broken front supporter of the water tank

There are some defective parts as well, such as the propane alarm, the heater, the AC, etc.


Leaks are the most common problem in every other camper, and Coachmen is no different from the others.

However, the leaks in Coachmen are more annoying and more frequent. Some customers even claimed that the water tank, shower, commode pipeline, and sink started leaking from the first day of use.

Once again, it shows the inferior quality and manufacturing of the product.


Some defects are just dangerous to customers.

The two most common defects that can potentially be dangerous are defective stoves, which catches fire, and melted wires.

2. Unreliable Manufacturing and Finishing of their Campers

Using poor and cheap manufacturing materials is a different issue, but poor craftsmanship and finishing a whole different problem.

If you don’t know how to tighten screws, fix loose windows, in short, if you don’t know how to fix stuff, then you are going to have a problem.


Many customers have pointed out, and some even complained that the fitting of screws and staples all around the camper was not right.

According to them, floors, windows, canvas, and a lot of stuff was already loose or coming out.

In other words, the manufacturer of Coachmen campers does not pay close attention to the finishing of the product. It reflects the negligence and lack of respect and value for their customers.

Luckily, most people know how to handle these problems and fix them, but it is very frustrating even then.

Not to mention the frustration faced by the people who don’t have the tools or skills to fix it.

Defective Units

According to some customers, there were holes in their walls, motors, and water tanks not placed at the right spot.

Water pipelines are connected negligently, causing leaks in the future, rotten parts, pieces of equipment throughout the camper, and much more.

One cannot ignore such problems with a newly bought camper, which brings the customer back to the unreliable customer service team.

3. Coachmen’s Warranty is Almost Useless

One of the most visible stains on Coachmen campers’ reputation is their customers’ poor customer satisfaction.

Most people feel extremely disrespected by how they handle customer’s issues.

The following are the three most common issues regarding Coachmen’s customer service team.

No Response

Most complaints from Coachmen campers’ customers start with “they do not respond.”

They do respond to customers regarding general inquiries and questions.

However, most customers don’t hear from them when it comes to warranty and anything related to repairing or replacement.

It’s a critical issue with Coachmen campers, which makes the customers frustrated, unhappy, and most importantly, it makes them feel invaluable to the company, which no one likes to feel, by the way.

Ineffective Repairs

After getting past the no response stage of Coachmen campers’ customer service or dealer, you will encounter the next issue: ineffective repairs.

From what we found online, regarding Coachmen’s customer service, is that in some instances, the customer service team would outright deny warranty claiming there is nothing wrong with the camper.

Some of these claims are justifiable, but other times it can be simple hearsay.

Lengthy Durations of Time to Repair

Another common problem with Coachmen’s customer service team is that they take an unreasonably long time to fix or repair a customer’s camper.

Customers get frustrated, claiming the camper stays in for more time with the customer service team than with them.

Getting frustrated is a normal reaction, as you buy it to use it whenever you want, not to leave it with the customer service team.

General Pros and Con for the Coachmen Campers


Most people love Coachmen campers for its spacious and roomy interior.

The bathroom of these campers is pretty big, along with their beds. The beds are foldable, which means you can fold it to make more space inside the camper. Overall, a lot of room and space for its price.

The interior design of Coachmen campers is perfect. It is not too over the top nor too crappy, just a simple and subtle design. The color scheme gives it a nice look, and the overall design contributes to making the camper feel spacious and roomy.

Storage in Coachmen campers is also commendable. A lot of space in the exterior storage, about 100 sq. ft., and 50 gallons of water tank space.

Along with this, it has a lot of drawers and storage options for all your essential tools and accessories.

If maintained correctly throughout the years, Coachmen campers can last a very long time. Some customers have claimed to be using it for more than ten years.

Coachmen campers offer some of the best prices for their campers compared to others in the market. They provide a lot of likable features at a relatively affordable price.


  • Inferior materials used for manufacturing.
  • Unreliable manufacturing and finishing of their campers.
  • Coachmen’s warranty is almost useless.

What Do the Reviews Say?

According to RV Reviews, Leprechaun and the Adrenaline Travel Trailer are two of the most popular choices for Coachmen campers’ new customers.

However, they have also pointed out the negative aspects of other models of Coachmen campers that have received many negative reviews and complaints of poor finishing and craftsmanship, along with the complaints of poor customer satisfaction and after-sales team.

“Leprechaun and the Adrenaline Travel Trailer has proven a popular choice for first-time buyers. On the other hand, many models have been plagued with poor fit and finish and low initial customer satisfaction. Do some model-specific research to weed out the winners from the also-rans, and you’ll never regret it.”

[Source: rvreviews.net]

Lastly, they suggest we research specific models of Coachmen Campers, their pros and cons, their reviews, any possible complaints against it, and then choose the best one.

“When it comes to comfort and convenience at an affordable price, this Leprechaun 210 RS motorhome is a fine example of RV innovation, from a manufacturer that has earned an excellent reputation for decades of quality construction at a reasonable price.”

[Source: rvlifemag.com]

In this review, RV Life Magazine is reviewing a specific model of Coachmen campers. It is the best option for optimal comfort and convenience at such an affordable price.

The Leprechaun 210 RS motorhome is a fine example of RV innovation for RV Life Magazine.

They also point out how Coachmen has been in the business of RVing for a long time. Hence, it is a trusted brand in terms of quality and affordable pricing.

What’s the Resale Value On Coachmen Campers?

Model Year New Model Price ($) Used Model Price ($)
Coachmen Freedom Express 192RBS 2020 29,665 24,000
Coachmen Apex 2018 31,371 23,000
Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 249 RBS 2017 Not Available 19,495

Final Thoughts

Judging by all the factors, it seems that one can manage with a Coachmen camper despite all the potential problems if he/she does their research, find the most reliable model, and prepare themselves for all the potential challenges that come with it.


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