Prototype apartment with Murphy beds

Published On April 8, 2016 | By Morten Storgaard | Apartments

This is a test apartment from New York City, showing some cool furniture designs.

We especially love how the flatscreen slides out in front of the left side murphy bed, to tranform the room for a movie night.


The Murphy bed to the left might only be used as a guest bed though, because I don’t think you would sleep this close permanently in a “real apartment” space. So it could probably be replaced by a mattress.

The Murphy bed couch is always a great touch, and a really good idea for a studio apartment, where you only have one room.

Designed for a competition

The prototype apartment was designed for a competition back in 2013, and was just a temporarily showroom in NYC, but it demonstrates beautifully how you can fit everything you need into a small studio apartment.

Behind the camera would probably be a small kitchen area and the entrance.

Source: Lifeedited

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