VIDEO: Remodeling an old camper – Part 2

Published On July 24, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Campers

This is Part 2 of a series of videos we are doing, about remodeling an old camper we bought last year. You might want to check out part 1 of this series of post.

In this video, we are emptying the camper completely, to be able to re-furnish it with lighter colors and a more simple setup.

We had a lot of fun tearing the inside out!

As you can see most of the stuff inside is really old, rusty and nasty, so we decided to throw everything out.

We were surprised how well everything was glued together, and we had to be careful not to break anything in the process.

Some of the shelves and parts were attached to the outer shell of the camper.

One Saturday – One old camper down!

We did manage to get almost everything out during a Saturday, and we slept like babies afterward.


We finally got everything out, and we now have an empty shell, ready for new bespoke furniture.

A good project for the summer.

Maria has big plans with the interior, and everything will be fitted and build to utilize the tiny space as well as possible.

The camper has a beautiful look with its round forms, and it already feels a lot more cozy, than the old rusty thing we bought.


We decided to put in “new” (read: another) kitchen, and we will also install a good fridge, so we can bring food when we travel.

I think we can save a lot of money if we are able to store more food in the kitchen.

Read Part 3 about the camper here.

We will put up new videos as the project moves on, so subscribe to our Youtube channel, if you want to get notified when new updates are up!

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