Tiny Texas Houses – salvage mining tutorials and workshops

Published On August 8, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

Tiny Texas Houses offer a line of salvage mining workshops and online tutorials. These workshops and tutorials are very helpful, if you want to build your own house out of salvaged materials, but don’t know quite were to get started.

The Salvage Mining Tutorial Series

Tiny Texas Houses offer The Salvage Mining Tutorial Series. It’s an online video walk-through, where they tell you: How to salvage, Where to get the good deals; How to effectively tear a house apart and remove the valuable pieces to re-purpose. Watch the trailer for the series:

It only costs $10 to get access to the videos for 6 months, which is a more than fair price.

Check out the salvage mining tutorial series.

Salvage Mining workshops

The workshops all take place in the Texas area. It is a unique possibility to learn hands on, how to take down a house, get insider tips and network with other salvage miners.
Price is generally $150 for a two day course. Check out when and where the next workshop takes place.

Tiny Texas Houses workshops

Check out the salvage mining tutorial series.

Check out when and where the next workshop takes place.

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