School Bus Hostel – Rebuild for living on the road

Published On July 8, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard

In May we visited Val and Tim during our trip through the Netherlands. They are the couple behind the website LetsBeNomads.

They have done a great job rebuilding an old American school bus into a home on wheels.

The little family of 3 (+ a cute dog!) lives on the road much of the year, and they have made space for 6 extra passengers on the bus (hostel on wheels).

Watch the tour of the bus

Tim showed us around the bus.

Here you can see him and their daughter in front of the bus.


At the front end of the bus, they have made shelves above the front window.

Here they store books and games.


Next to the entrance they have made space for shoes and boots.

They use the bus to go snowboarding in the winter and kitesurfing in the summer, and most of the gear can be stored inside the bus or in the storage spaces you can access from the side of the bus.

The rest will be stored on top of the bus.


The first section of the bus (behind the drivers seat) is the social area.

Here you find two folding tables and built in storage.

On the picture below you can see the table on the right side, and the table on the left has been folded down, to make a play area for the kid.


Inside the seating is space for storage:


They even built in storage below the floor.

On the left side they have a tiny “wine cellar” and on the right side they have space for food


The next section is the kitchen area.

On one side they have a stove and a wood burning stove. Very cosy and practical.

It’s a normal size 4 burner stove running on gas, so it’s easy for them to cook meals for everybody.

When the bus is fully booked they have 6 passengers, so that’s 9 persons in total!


On the opposite side, you find everything from spices and cans to plates and cups.

Notice the homemade shelves with an added edge, so nothing falls out while driving.


Next to the kitchen area you enter the sleeping area.

Val and Tim sleep in the back, but the hostel guests stay here in the middle section of the bus.

There are three bunk beds on each side, and Tim even built in USB ports for each bed, so you can charge phones and tablets at night.

Everything is made from wood.


The toilet is pretty basic, and they also have a shower with a tank big enough for everybody to take a quick shower in the evening when they come home from a day of snowboarding or kitesurfing.


In the back of the bus, Tim and Val have a small private space.

The bed takes up most of the space, but there’s also a small desk, so they can get a little work done once in a while.



On the back of the bus, they have put a nice sign saying “Let’s be nomads”. Pretty nice.


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