Simple stacking guest bed (king-size)

Published On February 2, 2016 | By Morten Storgaard

This bed is simple and stylish. So simple you can make it yourself. It’s designed by Hertel Klarhoeffer, a German designer from Berlin.

The bed is a two-part bed that will either stack to fit one person, or be a nice American twin-size bed.

It’s a great way to hide an extra bed, so you have an extra sleeping spot.


Will stack without any fittings or hardware

The system will stack without the use of any tools or hardware, simple and easy.

When stacked it is 16.5″ tall (42 cm) + 2.0″ (5 cm) mattress. It’s a nice fit for a couch, and you can use it in the living room of a small apartment everyday.

Whenever you have guests staying over, you just fold it out to accommodate a sleeping space for two persons, whether they’re a couple or not.

If you prefer to sleep separated, or if you need lots of seating space during a party, you can also place them besides each other like this:


Can also be a nice DIY project

It’s not a complicated design idea, and if you are a little crafty you can definitely build something similar.

You just need to make sure they are exactly the same size, so the two bed-parts will fit nicely together.


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