Space saving beds and furniture in London

Published On July 7, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard

A while back we were on vacation in London for 10 days, and we tried to find shops and showrooms with space saving furniture. It turned out to be harder than we thought.

You would think the second biggest city in Europe, would have a lot of options for upgrading your living space with great space saving furniture like Murphy beds, but we had a hard time finding any in the city center.

We found a Murphy Bed store

We did find one shop though a bit outside London. We found a nice showroom at The WallBed Company. The owner was very kind, and he gave us a nice tour around the showroom.

Here’s two videos we filmed during our visit.

The first video features a very cool Murphy bed with a bookcase in front. It will swirl around 180 degrees to reveal the bed behind the bookcase. It was very nicely balanced, and very fun to operate.

Click below and see me give it a swing to find the bed.

The bed and shelf has wheels attached under it, so you can swing it around, and you can even lock it, so kids won’t play with it.

It will look great in any modern home, and it’s a perfect solution for the small city apartment.

The second video shows another model with a table attached to the front. We also filmed a cool wall bed with storage underneath (starting at 0:44), and bespoke shelving units on the side.

The mattress is a bit shorter than the bed, when in folded-down position, so you can fold down a small headboard, to make sure the pillows don’t fall down on the floor behind the bed.

He explained us how the springs in the lifting mechanism will loosen a bit of its tension over the years, so you have the option to tighten the springs. Pretty fascinating.

The owner also told us, that his clients are mostly elderly people, because the systems are quite expensive.

The wall beds start at around £1,100 ($1,700), so unfortunately it’s not really suitable for students and young couples looking for smart space saving furniture for their small apartment.

This is also the reason why we decided to build our own Murphy bed. Click here to see Maria’s homemade Murphy bed with storage behind and underneath the bed.

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