Stroller and bike in one

Published On May 27, 2013 | By Morten Storgaard | Bikes

The Taga bike is a Bike and Stroller in one.

A multi-functional bike made for living in an urban environment, as you can turn it into a stroller, and take it on the bus, the train, in the stores etc.

You have close contact with your kid, as it is placed in front of you, so you can talk and interact while being on the move.

This is a good alternative to having a kid on a seat behind you.

When the kid is places behind you, it cannot see anything, unless it leans to the side, which can be dangerous for the balance while biking.

On this bike you both have a good view of what’s in front of you on the ride.

Fits everywhere, and gives you flexibility

With the Taga bike you can bike to the shopping center, and then turn it in to a stroller. Which enables you to move around easily in a shopping area.

It is also helpful if you get tired of taking walks in the same neighborhood, you can ride it to another park further away. If your baby gets hungry or needs a diaper change you can get home fairly quickly on the bike.

With this hybrid you might be able to skip the car entirely, now that you can safely bring the kid on your bike. It is a great alternative to a second car, and will help you save a lot of money!

Taga Bike

Taga Bike – Stroller and bike in one

Bring the Taga Bike on the city bus

The biggest win of the Taga Bike might be the option to bring it on the public transport.

In most cities you can’t bring bikes during rush hour, but a stroller is normally ok, as you have to be able to bring your kid. So with this hybrid bike you just flip it into a stroller, and bring it on the bus or train!

We hope to see more green alternatives to public transportation like this in the future.

The Taga Company also has other models, so be sure to check out their website, for more information and models at

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