Teardrop Trailer – Small Camper

Published On October 4, 2017 | By Morten Storgaard

If you like going into the wild, here is a solution for you.

The Teardrop Trailer is for camping and traveling and is built the same way as a normal camper, it’s just a lot smaller.

Teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailer

All cars can pull it easily, and the normal size Teardrop Trailer has space for a double bed and  has storage in the main cabin for clothes, computer, shoes and all the stuff you want to bring.

Most of the models have Air condition, so you have the option to sleep in, on those hot summer mornings. Of course, it also provides heat at night if it gets a little chilly.

Some models make it possible to flip the bed away during the day and place a small table instead. Then you can sit inside and work, eat etc. which can be nice if you run into bad weather.

The normal teardrop trailer has two doors, one on each side. You have it for ventilation, and you can enjoy the view from the bed into nature, which is part of the reason to camp in the wild.

Teardrop Trailer kitchen facilities

From the outside, you can access the kitchen. It has a flip-up design, at one end of the trailer. Depending on the model it will have different variations and designs.

Usually, you have a sink, space for a cooler, maybe a small fridge, a little storage for plates and glasses etc. There is no extra space, only what is needed – so for longer trips you can go all minimalistic with it.

The models are normally made to bring a portable gas burner, or barbecue to cook the food, so they don’t normally come with gas installed.

Most of the teardrop trailers have space for a bike rack, perfect if you want to get out and do some mountain biking, or a slow ride to get a few groceries.

Perfect combination with a roomy tent

If the weather allows for it, it can be a good idea to bring a tent in the back of the teardrop trailer. It’s perfect for having guests, and also if you feel the space gets too small.

Image credits: Friluftsland.dk

If you feel like taking a hike, you can leave the camper for a few days, and go into nature. Nothings beats waking up in the wild!


Teardrop Trailer Kitchen

For the extreme

For some people the normal teardrop is not simple enough, so for the pure minimalists, you can get an even smaller version.

This model can be towed by a motorcycle, and some even say by a bike – if you are hardcore on the workout! We haven’t seen this though, so please send us pictures if you try this!

It also fits two for sleeping, and have a small kitchen that you reach from the outside like the bigger version. It’s extremely small and has very little storage space.

It’s perfect if you really love simple camping, but like to sleep comfortably.

Sites about the Teardrop Trailer

Check out trekkertrailers.com and texs-teardrop.com for more info.

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