Texas Tiny Houses – Building the future with the past

Published On July 29, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tiny Houses (on wheels)

This is an amazing company, building beautiful homes with a staggering 99% salvaged materials. Texas Tiny Houses’ mission is to build the future with the past. They want to reuse whatever possible, to give the old materials new life, instead of being wasted and ending up as landfill.

Since Texas Tiny Houses are mostly build with salvaged building materials, they tend to have a vintage feel. A lot of their houses include victorian architectural pieces, like windows, front posts, decorative trims and fixtures.

victorian style

These Victorian features make the houses really cozy and homy. The wood is cleaned of before it’s put in a new house, but a lot of it still has old paint on it. This makes the interior of the houses seem like a collage of colors and textures. Your eyes will never be bored in one of these houses.


If the look is too messy for you, you can always paint it, to get a nice even surface and a unified feel.

Bachelor cowboy style

The other style of houses, are designed in, what I would call a ‘bachelor cowboy style’. They are rustic, without a lot of decorations, no painted wood or Victorian details. Just rough, nice houses that completely embodies the essence of simple living. In these houses the beautiful wood is the focus point.

Texas Tiny Houses

Brad Kittle is the founder and owner of the company, and he is very passionate about his work. You can tell that a lot of love goes into building each house. All houses are custom designed and built to the needs of the owner. They are all constructed in the workshop in Luling Texas, and then shipped out from there.

Price of the Texas Tiny Houses

Prices vary depending on how big you want it. In general they start at $45,000 for a simple 10′ x 12′ house, with a sleeping loft, bath, and kitchenette. For a larger 12’ x 28′ house with porches and spruced up with extras and more valuable woods, doors, windows and hardware, prices are $75,000 and can go up to over $100,000.

Tiny Texas Houses workshop

The Texas Tiny Houses workshop in Luling. Here all the houses are built and shipped out

Visit Texas Tiny Houses or watch tutorials online

Texas Tiny Houses get most of their building materials from what they call ‘salvage mining’. If you want to build a house yourself out of reclaimed materials, you should check out their salvage mining tutorials and workshops.

If you want to check out these houses for yourself, it is possible to book a tour. The tours are scheduled on certain times and cost $20 per person. It will give you a sense of what you can get for your money, and help you figure out what style and size you want.

The Texas Tiny Houses are built to last a lifetime, and being movable. It’s easy to pass them on the the next generation:)

Check out the houses at www.texastinyhouses.com

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