The ultimate studio set up for space saving

Published On August 7, 2014 | By Maria Fredgaard

It can be difficult to live in a tiny home if you do not have the right furnishing or storage solutions, but with a little work you can live in a much smaller space without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Learn to live large in a small space so you can get out and get on with enjoying your life. With the right set up you can live a great lifestyle in a micro condo, or even add guest rooms to your one bedroom apartment or a home of any size.

With a studio apartment every piece of furniture is a key feature of your home.

If your area is limited you will need to have multi functional furniture. Try and have furniture pieces which maximize their utility with more than one purpose and ideally with built in storage and the ability to contract and expand.


Most studio apartments have a simple layout where your lounge, bedroom and dining room are in the same area. Often you will have to use your dining table not just for eating but as your desk as well.

Some apartments will be so small that you may not even be able to fit a sofa, your bed and a dining table in the home.

With multipurpose furnishings that work together, you can fit so much more into any sized home.


Here is video from showing how you can fit your bed, sofa and transforming table into the same area that you can fit a regular bed.

With this set up, the MurphySofa wall bed folds over the couch which also has built in storage function for more efficiency. The transforming table which lifts and lowers, also doubles in size and will accommodate extra guests for dinner.

video of the transforming table

Within minutes of waking up you can hide away your bed, have your lounge ready to go with a coffee table for relaxation and entertainment. If you have guests over you can then have your dining table set up in no time.

The table can easily move around your home if you prefer to put it elsewhere, but it will compact and fit below the wall bed when it is down to be out of sight at night.

This is an ideal set up for a bachelor apartment, but it is a great way to add a guest room to your home by having an invisible bed behind your lounge.

If you have a few rooms, this is a perfect solution to your home as a secondary lounge and bedroom/guest room. Alternatively a wall bed desk will allow you to keep your office but still have a spare bedroom.

MurphySofa wall bed example

If you already have a great sleeping set up, another way to downsize your home but not your lifestyle would be compacting desks or dining tables.

Most of us if we are honest will admit we do not eat at our dining tables every day, or even every week. If this is the situation then you certainly don’t need to have a full time dining table taking up such valuable real estate.

With convertible tables you still have the ability to seat multiple guests but can have a small console table/desk which takes up far less room and frees up a ton of space.

The Ludovico office is an awesome example of multi functional furniture. The award winning designer Claudio Sibille from Uruguay made this awesome compact office with a built in chair that you can pull out, a desk that pops up on the side and cabinetry in the unit.

It is hard to get more efficient than this!

New ludovico office

See more space saving tables here.

It is clear that with a little creativity and the right set up, you can get a lot of extra livable space in any sized home.

Space saving furniture is becoming more mainstream again as people have realized they want to live in the right location and have a higher quality of life over a higher mortgage!

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